Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trivial History October 4

Tis the Feast Day of that really nice bloke, St Francis of Assisi, who is not only the patron saint of animals but also that of needle and tapestry workers, families, lace makers, the environment, zoos and against dying alone.
Which makes this also World Animal Day.

1801 The first consignment of coal was shipped from the shores of Oz to Bengal.

Place Name Origin-
Attack Creek in the Northern Territory was thus named because explorer Stuart was attacked there by hostile Aborigines in 1860.

1888 With much fanfare, ribbons, cheering and, no doubt, alcoholic refreshment, Princes' Bridge was opened in Melbourne.

Oz Slanguage-
Farmer Giles = Rhyming slang for piles aka haemorrhoids.

1934 Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester had a bit of time on his hands so he played tourist and went sight-seeing, arriving in Fremantle to start his tour of the states of Oz.

Kiwi Slanguage-
A & P Show = Agricultural and Pastoral Show.

1935 Needing a bit of fun, frivolity and jocularity in their lives during the deepest, darkest dragging days of the Great Depression, Luna Park in Sydney opened to entertain the masses.

Place Name Origin NZ -
Balfour in the South Island got it's name from either a bloke who worked at the local Waimea Company or the bloke what surveyed the area, James Balfour.
No one has yet worked out which is what, so don't trouble yourself too much.

1956 Feeling a tad constipated, the British tried to shift it along with the detonation of their second atomic weapons test at Maralinga.

The first School of Farts Arts in Oz was established in Sydney in 1833.

1957 It's a jandal, bro.
Morris Yock and his son Anthony began making the simple rubber footwear in their garage and Morris trademarked the name on this day.
National Jandal Day 2008 will be held on December 5 to raise much needed money for Surf Life Saving...coz they do what the name says, save lives in the surf.


  1. I was terribly confused when a NZ friend came to visit and was asking me about Jandals.

  2. It's an interspecies offspring from a thong and a stiletto, isn't it, Marita ? :P

  3. "Farmer Giles = Rhyming slang for piles aka haemorrhoids."

    Over here we call 'em Nobby Stiles...who was famous footballer or something, apparently.

  4. Who should have been kicking something other than some poor bugger's piles back into place, Brian!

  5. That'd be the medical procedure known as a 'hole in one'.

  6. Ahhh, where over-priced surgeons practice their golf swing and yell "Forrrrrrrrr...ceps, nurse!" :P