Monday, October 6, 2008

Trivial History October 6

It's raining, it's pouring,
The Spouse was LOUDLY snoring,
He went to bed,
But the missus roared at him for hurting her head,
So he toddled off to the spare bed.

Short and sweet today, folks, due to a lack of sleep for some reason.....

1769 A gallon of rum was given to ship's boy Nicholas Young. Not for medicinal purposes but because the eagle eyed laddie had been the first to spy land, of the NZ variety, whilst on board Endeavour.
Captain Cook named the south west point of Poverty Bay Young Nick's Head in his honour.

1810 Macquarie was getting a tad tired of The Spouse snoring the crime rate so he divvied Sydney up into 5 police districts with a whole whopping 7 constables in each.

1851 With trumpeting fanfare The Melbourne Academy, Melbourne's oldest public school, opened on a temporary site in Spring Street.
Not heard of it?
It's better known as Scotch College these days.

1903 The High Court of Oz was formally opened (as opposed to the doors being casually flung open to passing trade) in Melbourne.

1918 The first electric train service in Oz began tootling between Newmarket and Flemington Racecourse.

1972 The tiny Faraday School near Castlemaine made the news for all the wrong reasons when 6 students and their teacher, Mary Gibbs, were kidnapped but managed to escape when the mongrel criminals went to collect the $1 million ransom.

1978 The wonderful voice of Aussie rocker Johnny O'Keefe was silenced when he died from a heart attack.


  1. eeeeks at lack of sleep, doesn't make for a fun time does it. Interestng reading about Mary and the kids being kidnapped and then escaping. Hope you get a better night sleep tonight.

  2. "Short and sweet today, folks, due to a lack of sleep for some reason....."

    Said reason obviously not being the careful construction of good poetry...

  3. Thanks, Janine, I shall....he's banished to the spare room indefinitely lol.

    Poetry? Noooooooooo, that was the sleep deprived screechings of a rabid female, Brian :P

  4. Perhaps that gallon of rum would have helped you sleep through spousal snoring :grin: