Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trivial History October 7

Oh look!
It's Tuesday again!

1854 James Scobie, gold digger, was murdered in a brawl at Bentley's Hotel at Ballarat and the inquest found insufficient evidence against the major suspects, which sparked a chain reaction of events that helped fuel the Eureka Stockade Rebellion.
1854 or 2008, Ballarat or Melbourne.... not much difference is there Mr Brumby?

Place Name Origin -
Atwell in Westralia was, relatively, recently christianed in 1973 after the bloke what paid his penny and took his chances, Ernest Atwell; a stable owner who became the land owner of the area in 1896.

1858 Polite society made suitable gasping noises when W.S. Jevons published his shocking report on the state of The Rocks area of Sydney, stating it was social cesspool.

Michael Massey Robinson, who was the author of the first verses published in Oz in 1810, and the only official Australian Poet Laureate , was a convict.

1885 Melbourne's Homeopathic Hospital opened on it's new site in St Kilda Rd for the healing of the ill people.
Older readers might remember it better as Prince Henry's Hospital.

Oz Slanguage-
Bot/Botfly = to scrounge/borrow continuously from others, particularly cigarettes and alcohol.

1916 Sydney's Taronga Zoo was officially opened when it was decided that the monkeys running the nuthouse from Parliament were getting out of control original zoo had outgrown the Billy Goat Swamp site at Moore Park.

Kiwi Slanguage -
Chilly Bin = what Aussies call an Esky, known as an ice box/ drink cooler in other countries.

1917 Count Felix Graf von Luckner and his crew of five arrived in Auckland while on their way to the POW camp on Motuihe Island.
Luckner managed to raid and sink 14 Allied ships in barely 6 months without any deaths, as Luckner always ordered Allied crews removed before their ships were destroyed.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Birdling's Flat on the South Island was not named after a captain's small apartment nor a feather-filled avairy but, rather blandly, after the first European family that farmed there.

1958 Brilliant Aborigine artist Albert Namatjira was sentenced to 6 months gaol (later reduced to 3 months on appeal) for supplying another Aborigine with alcohol.

Until his recent death Sir Edmund Hillary was the only living person on the NZ banknotes.

1969 The bloke who rode the best horse in history, Jim Pike, passed into the green pastures beyond to join Phar Lap.

NZ voted to close hotels early at 6pm, in 1918, as a temporary war-time measure that lasted until 1967.


  1. you know I had never thought about that before until you mentioned it on here. It must be interesting to be on a banknote while your still alive. Obv the situation is a little different npw but still. I think thats pretty forward thinking back in 1885 to open a homeopathic hospital.

  2. "Until his recent death Sir Edmund Hillary was the only living person on the NZ banknotes."

    Who've they got on there now? The bloke who made the Lord of the Rings films?

  3. Would have been rather surreal, Janine lol.

    Nah, Brian, the bloke what made that comedy horror flick Black Sheep *ducks from Janine and Kelly and WS*

  4. Has the cause of Phar Lap's death been solved or will it be a forever mystery that we can blame the Yanks for?

  5. They reckon old stable tonics were loaded with arsenic and that's what done him in, Anja.
    Or the water in America :P