Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trivial History October 8

 How simply delightful - rain for more than 2 mins that is actually soaking into the sod.
Brian made good on the offer to send some of the British Summer weather over !
Ta muchly.

1837 The news finally reached Sydney that King William IV had popped his clogs and that some young sheila had climbed up on the throne.
Hence forth they named everything that sat still for 5 seconds after the new Queen Victoria.

Kiwi Slanguage -
Chocolate Fish = is a choccie covered marshmallow fish shape.
Often given as a reward, a thank you, an apology and is a widely used saying,
"Good on ya, you deserve a chocolate fish"
*Am now having nightmares about these things!

1880 Giving them something to gossip about the telephone exchange opened in Brisvegas.

The first Aussie civilian brass band was formed in Launceston, in Tassie, in 1845.

1899 The birth of a word is a rare thing and thus we celebrate the birthday of the word "wowser" that was thrust forth into the world by John Norton, the notorious editor of The Truth newspaper.
For the record, in the words of C. J Dennis -
'Wowser: an ineffably pious person who mistakes this world for a penitentiary and himself for a warder'.

Place Name Origin -
Auburn in NSW was named as such due to a frustrated Mr Mills not being allowed, by the Railways Dept, to name it Burford.
So he sat and read The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith and chose the name of that village in the poem.

1900 The Commonwealth Arrangements Act was passed with the port and cigars. This didn't give the Federal pollies carte blanche to rearrange floral exhibits but to choose whether to park their posteriors in the Melbourne Exhibition Building or in Melbourne Parliament until the new Aussie capital was found.

Oz Slanguage-
Who's robbing this coach? = a phrase passed when someone begins to interfere in something.

1941 NZ's first mass killer, Stan Graham, began his dreadful murder spree on the West Coast.

NZ Place Name Origin-
Blackball, on the South Island, went through several changes of clothes before it settled on it's current mode of apparel. 
First known as Joliffetown, then Moonlight Gully, it got it's 3rd name from the Black Ball Shipping Line which mined land in the area for coal.

1979 The Powers That Be finally declared Bunbury in Westralia to be a City.

Is it wrong of me to admit a fondness for my washing soda that gets whites whiter than white?


  1. how can you have nightmares about choccie fish lol.....looks at you sideways though about your confession about the fondness you have developed for washing soda lol. Liking todays oz slanguage.

  2. "Brian made good on the offer to send some of the British Summer weather over !"

    That'll explain the two minutes we experienced last Sunday when it didn't actually rain. I wondered where it had gone.

  3. I've got a friend who gives out Chocolate Fish to everyone on her birthday. I think it is a lovely way to celebrate your day of birth by giving to others.

  4. I read about the Giant Choccie Fish, Janine, and am cancelling my next fishing trip :P

    I think we caught most in a bucket, we can send it back if you'd like, Brian :P

    Can you get chocolate fish in Melbourne, Marita?
    Wouldn't mind scaling and gutting that sort of fish :P

  5. I think the greatest contribution that the Kiwis have made to international cuisine isn't the chocolate fish - but the closely-related Pinky bar. Marshmallow drizzled with caramel covered in chocolate... ohhhhh the sugar hit! NZ does sugar hits better than ANYONE.

  6. I have heard that NZ choccie is yummy, now I'll have to go on a chocolate hunt to find a good outlet here in Melbourne, Naomi.

  7. So I take it that chocolate fish is much different than chocolate starfish.

  8. I can't comment on the chocolate fish but I have met the chocolate frog and I have known him since childhood. It's not so easy to buy him in singles anymore.

  9. chocolate fishing trip to Jayne's place for all I say!!

  10. Evyl asked the question I was about to ask. *sniggers*

  11. Yep, Evyl, tis a much nicer marine life form to eat *grins*

    That chocolate frog is rather addictive, LiD ;)

    LOL Bettina, BYO lolly snakes for bait :P

    Chocolate Starfish was a great Aussie band, Anja,...till we all figured out what it meant LOL.