Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trivial History October 9

I ventured into Hell yesterday.
I've often been told to go there, have wondered if it had frozen over whenever a politician uttered something resembling commonsense and figured I'd be getting all toasty there when I shuffled off this mortal coil.
I travelled in a bus not a handbasket,  there were no good intentions paving my way, no flames licking about my ankles nor were there any signs of the Devil...although there were plenty of evil imps annoying the crap out of me.
Yes, you've guessed it - I trotted into Chadstone, the shopping centre that is eating a suburb, is the ugliest eyesore to grace the planet and is populated with half-wits who insist on parking their brain in neutral when they park their arse in the middle of the escalator.
The Spouse came with me; not for my assistance but to ensure the safety of the mindless sheep who drift about the joint in a daze of dollar signs shoppers who'd I'd probably do a nasty mischief to in my utter frustration of having to set foot in the place.
All were still in one piece when we left, so you can't blame me for that big whirly UFO thingie that sucked the life, and wallet contents, from everyone yesterday!

1891 Great embarrassment abounded throughout Parliament with the mysterious disappearence of the Parliamentary Mace.
Amidst the red faces, bluster, bluff and general head shaking, rumours arose of it last being sighted in a brothel.
As this happened on a Friday, perhaps someone's wild weekend has sort of carried on for 117 years or so...

Oz Slanguage-
Egg Boiler = an out of date nickname for a bowler hat.

1962 After many years of debate and discussion the bun-fight was finally shut up when the site for the Town Hall was chosen in Kilmore Street, Christchurch.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Choice = very good.

1967 As with the Land of Oz, the Kiwi's also had a 6 o'clock swill; where all men would knock off work and binge drink madly until the pubs closed at 6pm.
But on this day it was done away with, the early closing hours were voted out in a referendum and the government wasted no time in changing the trading hours.

Place Name Origin-
Auburn in Victoria was named after either one, or both, nearby houses that bore the name ; Auburn House was in Goodall St while Auburn Lodge was between Glenferrie and Auburn Rds, both were slapped together in the 1850's.

1973 That brown-mustard coloured bank note we all savour to line our pockets with, the $50 note, began circulating around the general population.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Brighton on the South Island was given the title in memory of Brighton in England by a rather homesick early settler by the name of Hugh Williams.


  1. Shopping in anything vaguely resembling a mall requires valium first!

    I've just booked my daughter's ticket to Aus leaving on the 20th [Sydney] to visit her Dad for a few weeks and nip over to NZ to catch up with a few more members of the clan. Perhaps I should send her along to your blog to pick up a few more essentials prior to departure?

  2. It is years since I have been to Chadstone. Its face to Dandenong Road does not entice me in at all.

  3. You're missing nothing of the mindless maze of expensive retail shops that mirror each other, Andrew.

  4. Hell is a lot worse leading up to the Christmas Season and I shudder just thinking about it. Glad you survived the outing.

  5. I've heard of that place.

    Up here in QLD, the tendency is to build huge, sprawling, take-a-tent-and-camp single-storey shopping centres. Eurgh. Everywhere.

    I just realised it's been years since I've seen a $100 note...

  6. Urgh Chadstone. I do not envy you the least little bit.

    That said we live across the road from a major suburban shopping centre but thankfully it is not on the scale of Chadstone.

    Personally I much prefer the Preston Markets or going into the CBD.

  7. "Brighton on the South Island was given the title in memory of Brighton in England by a rather homesick early settler by the name of Hugh Williams."

    Obviously missing the minus four winds on the nudist beach.

  8. The residents won't complain about Christmas shoppers parking in their street this year, Janine, as Chaddy has bought up whole tracts of houses and bulldozed them for car parking!

    Ick, Naomi, that sounds very ordinary.

    I'm with you on the markets, Marita!

    That sounds a little nippy, Brian!

  9. Girl, guess where I used to live? Guess where I used to hang out as a teen?


    And I pink puffy hearted it.

    Bwaaaaa haaaaaahaaaaaaa

  10. Kelley, I hung out there as a teen, too, but seriously it's a monster now!