Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Commonsense and decency wins out at last

Aussie Immigration Minister Chris Evans has granted permission for German doctor, Dr Moeller, and his family to remain in Horsham (and Oz).
Read more details HERE.
Seems the eyes of the world were watching rather closely.
Glad to see you arrived at a sensible decision, Mr Evans!


  1. You have to wonder why some publkic servant doesn't grow the balls to make the right and proper decision in the first place, rather than reject him, wait for the outcry and then inevitably give in to pressure and let him stay.

    I have to wonder how much sympathy he would have got if he'd been dark skinned rather than white European.

  2. About bloody time...
    Absobloodylutely it is!

  3. There's a certain irony by the fact that, at one time, a german doctor would be automatically associated in the average person's mind with the sort of attitude now being perpetrated by the Australian Immigration Department. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

  4. Finally; what sort of blood clot simultaneously slows down all the bureaucrats at the Immigration department's brains?

  5. Ian, "balls" and "public servant" are diametrically opposed to each other ;)

    Aye, Marita and Moe!

    Exactly, Brian, but I think the irony is lost on the Oz Immigration Dept - or it's paperwork was rejected by some dickhead and returned unopened.

    Reuben, their brains cannot cope with the concept of logic; it puts them into a stasis from which they run on automatic.

  6. Good news like that is always welcome, Dina :)

  7. I saw that headline on google and when I read the story thought "is that story STILL going on?" - How many years have the poor beggars been dragged through such merde?

  8. Only one of hundreds, if not thousands, Jeanie :(

  9. The poor bugger and his family at least have some certainty about things now.

    the dept servants were just following the law. The law says that it ends up being the minister's discression (this time says yes) as to who stays and who goes.

    When Dr haneef was kicked out the system said he should stay only to be overruled by the minister who said he has to go.

    The law will be changed as a result of this.

  10. Someone sensible once said "The law is an ass", DB, and it's none more so obvious than in this instance ;)

  11. SPot on Jayne. It is sad that it takes 13 reviews and upteen appeals prior to the minister making the final decision.

  12. Commonsense would dictate that effectively writing the laws clearly in the first place and then effectively dealing with the appeals properly - instead of every Tom, Dick and Harry sticking their nose in - would make the country run smoothly.
    Oops, it was that word 'commonsense' again...