Thursday, November 27, 2008

The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum...again

Having nursed many patients with a wide variety of mental illnesses - a large number of them having schizophrenia - I'm a tad gob-smacked at the recent news about Cornelia Rau.
Remember her, the Aussie citizen, unmedicated for her schizophrenia, banged up with the illegal immigrants in the dentention centre?
Things were going tickety-boo for her until her guardian and psychiatrist thought it was a really great idea to let her have a break from her meds and to travel overseas at the same time.
Read HERE and HERE to find out what happened to the poor woman.
Here's wishing Cornelia and her family all the best and good health for the future.


  1. Stupidity will always exist; medication is always necessary.

  2. "...medication is always necessary."

    I'll drink to that.

  3. yep,and we have seen before what can happen...
    Speaking of people let loose and bringing others to account...
    check out you emails.

  4. Oh, and as is the duty of top secret operatives please destroy these transmissions....

  5. Exactly, Reuben!

    Aye, Brian.

    Riiiiiiiiiiiight, Mdm Admin...
    wanders off to check inbox

  6. Hmmm, these transmissions will self- distruct....tick tick tick....

    No I don't belong in the loony bin....

  7. As someone who's schizophrenic friend was released by hospital authorities to catch at train at midnight and then wouldn't let him back in when "they" were wandering the streets so had to jump the first train travelling anywhere and ended up naked scaring the carp out of a farmer's mother in the middle of nowhere...

    No, doesn't surprise me.

    And how much information were his family given to help his situation.

    Absolutely nada.

  8. The mental health system is totally flocked up in this country, Jeanie.