Monday, November 3, 2008

Seems the immigration dept CAN be coerced into changing its decisions!

Got a stack of archived junk floating around my house and had a hunt through some of it to find that, YES, the Aussie Immigration Laws HAVE been bent slightly in the past for another family with a child with a disability.

A boy with autism - whom the then-Fed Govt had used in a calender to promote people with disabilities - was the reason his Canberra-based family was denied residency until big, ballsy Mandy Vanstone "used her ministerial powers" to change the situation.
Hello, Nicola Roxon, if you haven't figured it out yet it's time you grew a pair, lady!

A friend told me about a doctor in Brisbane/Qld a few years ago who was also denied Australian residency due to his Australian-born son having a disability.
That meant that an Aussie citizen was sent packing from the country of his birth and Australia missed out on yet another fully-qualified doctor working here.

Feral Beast used to see a fantastic adolescent psychiatrist, who set up great programs in the public health system, who worked damn long hours in many hospitals and clinics only to be refused residency as his son also had autism.
At a time when there was/is a chronic shortage of adolescent psychiatrists this man was unable to be replaced for at least 2 years (that I know of) and could possibly still not have been replaced, leaving thousands of children without proper medical care.

Many professional career families have been refused residency to Australia on the basis of a child with a disability.
Let's call it by it's true name - discrimination that ranks up there with the White Australia Policy.
If they can't kick you out of the country with a dictation test in Gaelic, the mongrels will find another sly, sneaky way to get their pound of flesh.

Have a look HERE at the hundreds of families that have been refused Australian residency due to a disability in some shape or form.
More recent cases are found HERE.
*Waves to the readers from the Dept of Parliamentary Services in Canberra*


  1. Damn straight comparing it to the White Australia Policy.

  2. Hello, Nicola Roxon, if you haven't figured it out yet it's time you grew a pair, lady!

    I don't think she has time for gardening, Jayne. She's too busy dispatching spin.

  3. This has a bad smell to it. I should be careful since I have to deal with those folks if I want to leave the country (and come back).

  4. It's just appalling that this is able to happen at all. *shakes head*

  5. This made for scray reading Jayne.

  6. I thought you had to be mentally disabled to want to live in Australia in the first place...(duck and runs for cover)