Monday, November 10, 2008

Trivial History November 10

 Had an absolute ball behind the scenes at the Museum yesterday.
We eyeballed imperious cameleons, a copperhead snake (named Snowball?!), turtles galore, gorgeous froggies, skinks, blue tongue lizards, thorny devils, stick insects in their millions, giant cockroaches to give you the willies, crickets, grasshoppers trying to start a stampede,thorny leaf insects, and every other crawlie imaginable.
But walking into the humid spider room only to find the spiders have free run of the room and those ginormous Orb Weaver spiders from Qld (you know the ones, the media reported of one recently as managing to catch a bird in it's web to snack on?) Yep, they were lazin' their day away up on the ceiling/walls/vents/ all over the freakin' room...not to forget the one that had woven a web right across a corridore for a 2 legged bit of prey person to walk into.
Thankfully they appeared quite docile and intent on chowing down on their latest victim to worry about the larger prey humans walking beneath them ( Thank Goddess!!!) so I managed to NOT embarass FB and run screaming out of there like a coke-fuelled loon.
Fantastic tour and I can't recommend it highly enough!

1791 Samuel Enderby started the whaling industry in Australia. May your harpoon give you a new blowhole, Sam.

1793 A Goddess of Reason was proclaimed during the French Revolution whilst they dethroned the Church.
Sounds fairly reasonable to me.

1839 Having a hankering for a beef burger, Captain Rhodes parked 50 head of cattle at Akaroa.

1855 Two of the key ring-leaders of the Eureka Stockade were elected to Parliament, good old 'armless Peter Lalor and J.M Humffray.

1863 Timaru was a happy happening town when the first Cobb & Co coach trundled its way there today.

1868 Te Kooti and his party attacked Matawhero, killing 60 people, of which were equal numbers of Maori and Pakeha.

1871 The National Agricultural Society of Victoria (later changing its name to The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria) held its first ever show on a spare spot of dirt in St Kilda Road.
Possibly near Andrew's High Rise.
Or possibly not.

1894 Jandamarra, an Aborigine from the Bunuba people, began one of the few armed uprisings against white settlement in Australia.

1954 The Aussie Federal Govt introduced one of its most controversial acts when it begat the selective conscription of boys 20 yr old men for National Service which saw 15, 381 boys men serve in Vietnam.


  1. " tongue lizards..."

    Over here we call them the Parliamentary Opposition.

  2. I would so love that spider room.

  3. well you did well not to embarass FB by running from the room I am not sure I would have felt the same way. Glad you both enjoyed it though.

  4. I have grown to love spiders, but I still am not able to enjoy the idea of them crawling above my head. I hate walking under orb weavers. I feel they're going to spin down on my hair and then get pissed off at me for being in their way.

    I'm incredibly impressed with you for being so brave.

  5. A spider room. My idea of heaven.

  6. Wonder where? Maybe Fawkner Park.

  7. No way in hell would you have gotten me into that spider room!!

    *faints at the mere thought*

  8. Spider room? Sorry, I would have either run like the wind, or walked through whimpering like the fool that I am.

    Ah Cobb and Co. Used to be a restaurant in every town.

  9. Sorry, Brian, that's an insult to the lizards!

    I'm sure you would, Evyl LOL.

    Was great, Janine :)

    They're large enough to get pissed at a Mac truck for being in their way, Dina lol.

    You'd have loved the mammoth Tarantulas they had on display which were found at Customs trying to smuggled into Oz, Anja.
    Rather LARGE bits of fur, they were!

    Probably where the circus always used to set up, Andrew, just near where the Arts Centre is now.

    I did think of you when I was shifting out from under those Orb Weavers, Bettinas ;)

  10. There's a small blessing in my poor vision, WS, in that I could'nt see the 8 legged freaks except as black blurs on a grey ceiling.
    Mind you, with the ceiling dripping moisture (from the humidity) I was jumping and shifting every couple of minutes LOL.

  11. Those orb-spiders are not only in QLD - don't go out to the Hills Hoist in the dark.
    That humid room would be a good place to go for congested lungs?

    But the Copperhead snake named Snowball?

    and re the A.S.V. - Hot Andrew will always be 'Best In Show' for me.

    re One-Arm Pete Lalor: definitely got the 'sympathy vote', and his Irish political group (before he got here) was run by Oscar Wilde's mother! Both Oscar's folks were as ... umm .. individual as he was.

  12. Ann, I wouldn't dare approach my Hills Hoist in the dark, been caught out with Huntsmans before!

  13. PS re Jandamarra - that is the name of Pat O'Shanes grandson: I hope he was named after the 1894 one.

  14. I heard a comment passed at the time of his recovery that Pat O'Shane's grandson had the inner strength of the earlier Jandamarra, Ann, so I'm pretty sure he was ;)

  15. I must be a bit thick - is the tour on their website?
    I can't see it.
    Is it for everyone?
    Or are you just special?

  16. Ahhh, sorry Freefalling, it was a special arrangement for the bugs club my son, Feral Beast, is a member of.
    I think they offer the tours to schools and groups ;)