Monday, November 10, 2008

Trivial History November 11

If you missed the story of Bianca's battle with Tourette's, then click HERE.
The sight of the family home was just incredible; Bianc's tics had caused her to smash the house beyond recognition.
Thank Goddess for Aussies putting themselves out there to lend a hand; the house was almost completely rebuilt with all parts and labour donated.
Feral Beast has Tourette's and his high anxiety levels, stemming from his Autism, made him smash our house up each afternoon after school but we are lucky; FB doesn't have the dibilitating tics Bianca had and his anxiety levels are managable now. Thanks to pioneering brain surgery, Bianca's tics are very mild these days.
Learn about the syndrome everyone "borrows" when they're on a swearing streak HERE.

1850 The Melbournians tossing their hats into the air with gay abandon at the arrival of Lysander (the ship not Shakespeare's character from A Midsummer Nights Dream) was due to the news that Port Phillip was officially Separated from NSW. 4 days of drinking exuberance ensued.

Been eating so much chocolate lately my good friend Sonya Sharon Charli will sense it on me at 50 paces.
And then I'll be in my scales aren't giving me enough grief already!

1863 Elizabeth Scott had the dubious honour of having a tosser of a husband and a tosser for a defence lawyer being the first woman executed in Victoria for the murder of her dirty, filthy drunkard husband who married her when she was only 13 spouse, despite witness testimony of her being working her fingers to the bone for the lazy dog in the kitchen at the time of the murder.

Ponderings of Cousin Poppy-
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
But copying everything just makes you a weirded out freaky fuzzball.

1867 Captain Thunderbolt's missus, Mary Ann Bugg - who was also a successful bushranger - died from pneumonia.

A friend I know has so many children she can't afford to update her offspring's photos....she's still got ones of her youngest in nappies and he just graduated from Uni.

1880 Ned's dead, long live Ned.
Ned Kelly was hung at 10am at Melbourne Gaol, aged only 25.

Cousin Tom - his real name was Jerry but he acted like an old tom cat - was forever hanging around the ladies and making his missus suspicious so she set him up so that several of her friends would flirt with him.
Trouble was he proved to walk the walk and talk the talk - his missus hasn't seen him or her friends since!

1880 The first swimming club in NZ, the Christchurch Amateur Swimming Club, was cobbled together.

A girl I trained with went on to do her Park Ranger training and got her firearms license.
She used to practice sighting by drawing a real to scale image of her ex-hubby's willy on the rusty cat food we called her Dead Eye Dick.

1885 The first cable tram service started ripping through the streets of Melbourne; they were as packed as sardine cans in those days as the electric ones are today.
Nice to see the State Govt is consistent through the years.

My friend Charli Sonya Sharon whined to her hubby she was bored so much that he gave her the moolah to study a yoga instructors course.
She passed with flying colours but wrecked her back when she was showing him a particular move whilst in bed....she's been too scared to crack a yoga muscle since.

1909 The Victorian State Govt started a coal mine at Wonthaggi.
Actually the place must have something going for it as not only did shedloads of dinosaurs leave their fossils there but the Vic Govt want to plonk a desal plant there, too.

As good old Abe Lincoln once said -
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

1918 News reached Oz at 6pm that the Armistice had been signed between the Allies and Germany, though it was about 4 years too late for a whole generation of boys.
Armistice Day - 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marks when boys could finally stop killing each other.

When I was nursing alcohol rehab patients we had to breathylise them each time they returned to the hospital from an outing, with the strict rule they had to remain 0.00.
It always amazed us how many thought we'd believe that chocolate bars,mouth wash, out-of-date fruit drinks and - my favourite - liquor chocolates would register anyone with a BAL over 1.00 !

1924 Canterbury residents were present when their beautiful Bridge of Remembrance was opened at Christchurch.

Demosthenes once muttered -
Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.

1930 Brisbane's Shrine of Remembrance was dedicated.

My mate Sharon Charli Sonya used to brag to others about her prowess at painting after she came to one of my classes, until she had to put her money where her mouth was.
Then she trotted out a painting so perfect, so precise we were very impressed...until one of the girls spotted the "colour by numbers chart" in the garage.

1933 Lady Millie Peacock was probably celebrating when she became the first sheila elected to the Vic Parliament (although most ladies would have thought that was stooping far too low to become a common politician).

Aunt Poppy's Ponderings -
When a friend asks for help, that is Friendship.
When a friend asks your advice, that, too, is Friendship.
When a friend offers her opinion, that is Friendship, also.
When a friend demands to be the centre of your life, that is not Friendship.

1933 Sister Elizabeth Kenny wasn't doin' it for herself but thousands of children when she opened her first (then-controversial) Infantile Paralysis Clinic in Townsville.

A girl I knew years ago would change her name, legally by Deed Poll, every couple of years.
It started off as she loathed the name her parents had picked for her but it got to be an obsession.
But she learnt her lesson when she inadvertently chose her old, original name that started all the silly nonsense off in the first place.

1934 The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne was dedicated by the Duke of Gloucester.

Mark Twain observed -
When in doubt, tell the truth.

1941 Whilst a Second World War raged, the Australian War Memorial, in Canberra, for the First World War was opened.
They said WW1 was "the war to end all wars".
They lied.

A lady at a local store had started an on-line affair with a bloke on the other side of the world.
Of course she fibbed about her age, weight, looks, job position, yearly income, the whole she-bang.
Us customers only found out about it when we noticed her suddenly wearing make-up, hair extensions and crash dieting....he was popping over in 4 weeks time to marry her!

1942 The Kiwi troop ship Awatea had just off-loaded troops on the North African coast when it was sunk by Italian and German bombers.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

1975 A mongrel cur Kerr kicked the Aussie Federal Govt to the kerb and caused a slight Constitutional Crisis.

Of course the lady at the shop couldn't hide her 60+ 50+ years under make up so she had some chemical peels done by a friend of a friend..... which took about 4 weeks to heal.

2004 The NZ Tomb of The Unknown Warrior was dedicated at the National War Memorial in Wellington.

Sadly, the overseas bloke saw through her ruse immediately and buggered off to Sydney.
But she had a whole new list of admirers shopping at the shop, now!


  1. "Actually the place must have something going for it as not only did shedloads of dinosaurs leave their fossils there but the Vic Govt want to plonk a desal plant there, too."

    The government shouldn't be plonking any desalination plants anywhere. Leave that to foreign lands like SA and WA.

  2. Cousin Tom - his real name was Jerry but he acted like an old tom cat - was forever hanging around the ladies.

    Probably should have called him Butch under the circumstances.

  3. wow there was a lot there today. Given we eloped and today was the official day that we were supose to get married we affirmed our vows instead in front of friends at 11.00am on the 11th of Nov 2 years ago. Interesting tale about the woman at the local store abnd the deed poll one made me laugh when she chose her original name again.

  4. Thanks for the links about TS. I knew a little about it, but not much.

    I love the thing about friendship--very true.

  5. Aye, aye, Reuben ;)

    Call him what you like but a bucket of water would have been handy, Brian :P

    Happy Affirmation Anniversary Day, Janine :)

    Ta, Dina :)

  6. Bahahahaha... dang, there's some MAD critters out there. *sniggers*

  7. Yep, Anja, there's a few that need putting on a leash ;)

  8. oh it's a mad ol day today! rofl

  9. Put on a leash? I'd give some of them the Jesus needle. MAD, MAD, MAD, I tells ya.

  10. Cripes, poor Bianca - that would suck!

    It's possible to get a hangover from liqueur choccies - without the drunk! GAH! <--- yes, I do know this from experience.

    Had to laugh at the poor lady at the shop. Although the bloke had probably been lying to her, too, so it all worked out well in the end!

  11. You've been a busy gal coming up with all that stuff...just what I needed to waste - errrr - while away a bit of time! LOL

  12. Indeed, Mistress Tootsie :P

    Some are begging for the Green Dream, Anja ;)

    Yep, Fluffy Butt...err...Naomi, he wasn't much chop in the features stakes lol.

    Gotta have something to keep me out of mischief, Boobie Chickentush aka Kelly :P

  13. Bianca's story was very, very inspiring. I saw 60 mins and bits of last nights special.
    What great Australian spirit.

    I hope the Feral Beast is able to live his life to full too.Tourette's must be socially dibilitating due to the unusual tics. He is great young man whom you are very proud of.

  14. Those liquor chocolates can pack a wallop.

  15. I once had the not so fabulous experience of driving a good friend to rehab. She'd decided in honour of the event to drink her entire collection of alcohol the night before as she would need any of it after - waste not want not or something like it.

    Her alcohol reading was so high the staff were surprised she was still standing. I think it was only because there was a wall there propping her up.

  16. FB's tic's, and anxiety, are much, much calmer these days, Trish ;)

    But not enough to put you over the legal driving limit, Evyl...unless you gobbled a ton of 'em lol ;)

    Oh yeah, Marita, we were scooping our rehab patients up off the floor, too lol.

  17. I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule