Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trivial History November 12

 Am sorting and cleaning and shifting and chucking all manner of things The Spouse had shoved into the Shed.
Things that did not belong in the Shed.
Things that are very precious and irreplaceable and what I've been hunting all over the house for some time and if he dares shove anything into that damn Shed without checking with me first he'll be sleeping in the bloody Shed until Hell freezes over. (exhale)
Now that my spleen has been vented, keep your fingers crossed I can sort this pile of crap before the next Olympics and that The Spouse gets to keep sleeping in a bed!

1860 A tiny boarding school for deaf students opened in Peel Street, Windsor .
It grewed like Topsy and is now known as The Victorian College For The Deaf.

1863 Having a spare patch of dirt lying around, South Oz legislated to flog off 500,000 acres in the NT.
No, I wasn't the lucky buyer...but does the First Home-Owners Grant apply to this...?

1894 Having often wondered what the birds found so fascinating about flight, Lawrence Hargrave knocked together 4 of his box kites and made like a bird for 16 feet.

1912 During clashes amongst striking miners, scab labour and police at the goldmining town of Waihi, Aussie-born miner Fred Evans was belted and battered, dying the following day from his injuries.
This became known as Black Tuesday, with strikers and their families viciously hunted through the streets forcing hundreds to flee the town.

1918 The Armistice was officially announced in Christchurch but it had little impact as the city was suffering the 'Flu epidemic.

1933 The world's first known photo of The Princess Anne Loch Ness Monster was snapped on this day and taped to a dart board at Buck Palace.

1943 The 64th, and final, Japanese bombing raid on Darwin happened today.

1985 The Kiwi's won a Cricket Test on Aussie soil for the very first time at the Gabba in Brisbane.

1988 Richard Hadlee set a new world record by taking his 374th test wicket at Bangalore.


  1. "The Armistice was officially announced in Christchurch but it had little impact as the city was suffering the 'Flu epidemic."

    I know exactly how it feels. Six days and 452 hot toddies, and the damned thing's getting worse rather than better. I blame all those old biddies in ASDA for not using their handkerchieves!

  2. eeeeks at the spouse and putting things in the shed.....maybe he needs a litle man shed of his own....and the shed you refer to could be your shed lol.

  3. lol @ The Spouse.

    Mine has 'his office.' I call it 'The Black Hole.'

  4. Gebus, I read that wrong at first and thought you have shoved The Spouse into the shed. Might solve the snoring problem.

  5. My sweetie's office is 3 foot by 3 foot and has a toilet in the corner - but then, I am the hoarder and he the hoiker!!!

    There were 64 bombing raids in Darwin?!

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  7. And the bigger the shed the more they can stuff in it...And when that fails they just pile up the "valuable" junk around it...finally using any available piece of ground, hence the bigger the property the more they can collect....

    As you know I have just disentangled myself from spouse and his stuff...


  8. I dread to think what's in our shed..........

  9. Perhaps they were borrowing your jumper sleeve, Brian? :P

    It used to be my shed, Janine LOL.

    I often tell The Spouse to go jump into a black hole, WS, maybe he could pay Mr S a visit? :P

    Oh, how I have been tempted, Anja !!!

    Yep, Jeanie, Darwin coped just a few nasty visits.

    I can hear your relief from here, Mdm Admin lol.

    Apart from the obligatory 8 legged freaks, Bettina ?

  10. 1985 The Kiwi's won a Cricket Test on Aussie soil for the very first time at the Gabba in Brisbane.

    What a ridiculous name for a stadium. By Queensland standards, I would expect that to be first rate...but for the sane world...hmmm.

  11. Doesn't Gabba stand for "Great Aussie Beer 'n' Barbie Area" , Reuben ? :P

  12. There are very strong parallels between your domestic arrangements and your spouses storage style and me. I live in fear that I will suffer a similar fate.

    Widdle Shamrock LOL. That would be me too.

    I am likely to have nightmares now. There are at least two of us in the universe.