Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trivial History November 13

I didn't realise I'd gone fishing the other day until I caught myself a great dirty, scum-sucking catfish.
I only got rid of the filthy thing when I told the politician I wouldn't vote for her in the next council elections.

1823 A group of Aborigines in Tassie, lead by Musquito and Black Jack, killed 2 stock-keepers at Grindstone Bay.

Onion Jam is great for salads, sangas, meat and baiting the hook for weirded out freakballs.

1849 She who would polish the throne until Hell froze over granted the Royal Charter so that the Canterbury Association could be incorporated.

Speaking of scum-suckers, I see the old adage still holds true even on the net -
"Hearkners never heare good of them selves"

1851 There were celebrations galore at the official opening of Victoria's Legislative Council ...they'd finally found something to keep the pollies out of mischief!

Came across an old acquaintance who's incessant whining reminded me of something...... Anja's Jesus needle.
But then we passed the Manchester section and I gave in to Tontine temptation.

1851 Ben Boyd's yacht Wanderer had a nasty mishap and was wrecked at Port Macquarie.

Saw a sight I thought I'd never live to, not a black man as President, Nicole Kidman's forehead MOVED!!!

1901 The 50th anniversary of the opening of Victoria's Legislative Council was held....everyone was amazed they hadn't totally buggered it!

Now that we have "Australia; the movie"...does that mean we're going to get "Australia; the tea-towel", "Australia: the t-shirt" or, perhaps, "Australia; the cheap-Made-In-China-souvenir-ashtray" ?

1916 Little Billy Hughes, who just happened to be PM of Oz at the time, was booted out of his own Labor Party when he continued his support for conscription.
Hope the door didn't whack him on the arse on his way out.

Heard a rat the other day, whilst tootling around the yard. Looked high and low till I realised The Spouse was reading emails from an o/s tosser.

1951 Bubbly was dragged out of the cellars to celebrate 100 yrs of the Legislative thingie whatsit.

Mind you, his girlish shriek is much easier on the ears than his snoring, but then I recalled the Bitch-Mother-In-Law had several neighbours complain about her snoring through the shared wall of their houses.
One even offered her sedatives....but only 2, not the 200 I was hoping for.

2001  150 years of Victoria's Legislative....Bugger it, let's go down the pub.

 The old saying might be "The things you see when you haven't got a gun" when greeting an old friend, but the things I hear about when scrapbooking would see all scalpals locked up to resist temptation.


  1. "Looked high and low till I realised The Spouse was reading emails from an o/s tosser."

    I'm not even going to pretend that I understood that.

  2. I am still laughing at the comment about Ms Kidman's forhead moving.

  3. "Australia; the tea-towel",

    I have one of those in my kitchen. Matches the oven mitt!!

  4. The tontine treatment. *sniggers*

    I propose that for all mad critters, but would we get it past council? Especially when they're closed for maintenance.

    Doobie Doobie Doo.

  5. It's family-speak for "oh damn, the in-laws are writing again", Brian :P

    I had to lie down after that momentous event, Janine ;)

    Ohhhh, if you get the salt and pepper shakers, too, you win the game, Elizabeth! lol

    They're far too soft on rabid animals and their owners, Anja ;)

  6. lolol

    you should know by now that you don't need to go find the rat....... it always comes to you when it thinks it might be being discussed!

  7. Burning ears don't exactly equate to burning arse though, Bettina. Have broom, will swot rodents ! lol

  8. I only got rid of the filthy thing when I told the politician I wouldn't vote for her in the next council elections.

    I've got a major rant about local councils coming up; they all promise the same things...and pretend that nobody else is offering to "clean up our streets".

  9. ...and then they seem to "never have the support" or "the budget" to take the action they promised to get our votes, Reuben.

  10. I prefer local politics over national politics. It is so much easier to get personal with the attacks.