Friday, November 14, 2008

Trivial History November 14

Can I just take a moment of your time to point out a wee fact?
Each entry takes me over an hour to research and type mainly due to my poor eyesight.
Unless it happens to be a really slow day for historical events...then I tap-dance my way across the keyboard.
So those of you who invited me on a fishin', huntin' and tontine-ing' trip to the boondocks I say thanks but maybe another time.
I'd probably just slow you down....I'd be the token Drop Bear snack ...those lakes aren't really that placid.....I've seen what lives in them and no, I don't want to carry the dead, bleeding carcass of the deer to the waters edge....can't I just sleep in the car.....with the car keys in the ignition...please?

1828 Tommy Peel was a right old clever clogs back in the Old Dart when he had the brilliant idea to colonise Westralia.

I promise to invite every living mozzie I can.

1845 Future Premier and Governor of NZ, George Grey graced the shores of the Shaky Isles with his presence.

I'll short-sheet your sleeping bag.
Oh yes, there IS a way.

1850 Princes' Bridge was spanning the Yarra River in Melbourne, minding it's own business when all of a sudden the humans decided to "open" it and threw a riotous party to celebrate.

I'll hide the dunny paper so you have to use dried grass and leaves.
Yes, I would be that cruel.

1868 Arthur Davies - better known as Steele Rudd, wonderful author of Dad and Dave - was pupped in Qld.

I'll reset your mobile phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes....through the night.

1884 Crow Eaters in South Oz have no need to celebrate this particular anniversary ; land and income taxes were introduced (tissues are free, over there ------------>>>).

I'd swap the live bait box with your lunch.

1899 Having nothing better to do with our monies the NSW Govt appointed a Royal Commission to look into sites that may have been appropriate for the national capital.

I will navigate you around the bend via the tourist route....and back again.

1913 The domed reading room in the oh so beautiful State Library was officially opened....and is rumoured to be haunted, unofficially.

I'll cook.
That's enough of a threat on its own!


  1. "Each entry takes me over an hour to research and type..."

    Is that all? Each of my postings takes years of research, patient archaeological analysis, a host of informants and experts all bickering with each other, financial/illegal deals with landowners, councils etc. And then I bugger it all up by writing it all down in my third-rate idiosyncratic fashion. Now that takes dedication.

  2. From one who really appreciates and look forward to your entries I have one thing to say.

    Here's hoping the f'tard takes a wizz on the electric fence.

  3. Ahh, the sweet sound of dropbears growling in the trees. Be careful of the bunyips. They have urban varieties in the council I hear.

  4. does this mean that I don't have to go fishing this weekend either? lol

  5. Damn, Brian, I should learn from the master :P

    Not before I get the car keys in my hot lil hand, Anja, LOL.

    They do, LiD! And they're damn fugly ones, too, judging by their election posters ;)

    I'll let you sew and bake to your heart's content, Bettina lol.

  6. okay you may laugh, in fact I am sure you will. But did I miss something in terms of the fishing hunting theme? Anyway I enjoyed reading your posts and its made me aware of how little I do know....(hides head in shame). I must point out though if you mess with the alarm on my phone you would become the hunted lol.

  7. I admire your dedication to your research. My posts usually take me about two minutes tops.

  8. Soooo...

    No camping for Jayne, yeah? :-)


  9. Nah,you didn't miss anything,Janine, I was just being silly.
    Ta and you are a very clever cookie so don't you put yourself down again!

    Thanks Evyl, it's a hobby to keep me off the streets and out of mischief :P

    I don't duck and weave the creepy crawlies in the tents these days,Nomes, I usually manage to walk straight into them lol.

  10. I found you through anja and learned alot about that day :)

  11. Hiya and welcome, Kaylee :)
    Hope you got a giggle or 3 out of it, too ;)

  12. Can I just take a moment of your time to point out a wee fact?

    Of course.

    Each entry takes me over an hour to research and type mainly due to my poor eyesight.

    In that case, I'd better review your old posts once every-so-often.

  13. Yes but did you also mention that while typing up said posts and coming up with all your funny quirky
    comments, that you also talk the hind leg off a donkey....

    You are truly woman of many talents

    By the way when you came to my wildlands you didn't end up as drop bear bait....

  14. So long as you give me a grade over 89%, Reuben ;)

    My reputation with Drop Bears proceeded me, Mdm Admin :P

  15. I make the occasional blog post that I put a lot of effort into, especially research wise, and I am pretty astonished that it is only one hour that you spend. I suppose you have your sources at your fingertips, but even so.