Monday, November 17, 2008

Trivial History November 17

Exciting's Monday!
Yes, that day comes around as regularly as the sun rising and setting.
Hmmm, there might be something in that theory....

1878 Getting tired of the gate-crashers at Wantabadgery Station - Captain Moonlite and his mates -the police attacked with the result of 2 bushrangers and 1 policeman killed.

How apt, both of the oldest professions in the world under the one roof - pity the honesty of the prostitutes doesn't rub off on their co-tenants.

1895 Mark Twain paid a visit to Christchurch which he described as a city divided between people who rode bicycles and the other's kept busy dodging them.

A possible toilet tax.
As the old saying goes "The day shite is worth money poor people will be born without arseholes...coz the arseholes will all be in political power".

1925 Dunedin hosted the NZ and South seas International Exhibition on Lake Logan.
Or rather where Lake Logan once rippled in the breeze, as it had been filled in with 28,000 loads of clay and soil, 14,500 trees, shrubs, plants and floral bits to make it look purdy.
Oh and 600 packets of grass seed did for the lawns....and the whole she-bang was renamed Logan Park.
Bring back Milli Vanilli, oh, do they ever need to be punished!

1954 Mark "Chopper" Read was born.
*waves to Mr. Read.

Don't be a dickhead and drink and drive.
Or piddle on the cop arresting you.

1991 Westralia introduced Daylights Savings on a trial basis but it was howled down in a referendum in March 1992.

Learn young and learn early, kids...when bribing your mother with money not to call the cops on your arse, make the bribe worthwhile.
And take your medication instead of attacking the local flora.


  1. "(He) urinated in the back of the squad car and sprayed the officer, hitting him in the back of the head."

    Over here that's what we'd call a real p*sshead.

  2. lol at Brian's comment, he has a point. As for it being Monday I feel like a couple more hours of sleep and I would feel more happier about it being Monday.

  3. Aww, Uncle Chop Chop is such a sweetie. I saw him once do a comedy routine and he says "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; because my f***ing ears got sawn off"

    He's one funny bastard.

  4. Succinct , Brian ;)

    Monday should come with an obligatory sleep in, Janine ;)

    He's a classic, Anja ;)

  5. the nsw premier just can't seem to win a trick........... lmao

    serves him right for cutting our bus fares.

  6. well, it is still sunday here so when I read the title, I had to check my date!

    thanks for stopping by, and thanks for that website.

    can't believe he is only a senior in highschool.


  7. He could learn a trick or two...if he headed upstairs, B :P

    Hi Tera, lol yep other side of the world here ;)
    Yep, but she puts up a good debate ;)

  8. I am sorry, but it is now Tuesday and I am still trying to deal with Monday. Story of my life.

  9. I thought you would have been otherwise "engaged", Jeanie!