Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trivial History November 18

Tis Tuesday.....can't think of a thrilling thing to rhapsodise about the damn day, so go forth and do whatever you had planned.

1796 61 cattle, or rather their off-spring, that had done a bunk shortly after they'd been parked in the NSW colony were found in the spot now known as Camden. Gov Hunter was a wise chappie when he declared the cattle be left alone to procreate and named the area Cowpastures.

Dunnies and lighters really, really, no seriously, REALLY don't mix.

1840 The very, very last, final, never-to-be-repeated convict transport ship to Sydney, 'Eden', parked its prow and off-loaded its 267 male convicts.

Bike helmets; good for protection from head trauma and swooping savage birds -but they only work if you actually wear the damn things.

1874 NZ's worst civil disaster occurred when the ship Cospatrick caught fire and sank near Cape Good Hope.
Of the 473 people en route to Auckland, only 3 survived.

Any business run like this would have been declared insolvent years ago and the buildings sold to new owners.
Wonder if they'll take a bid of 2 grand on the Opera House...?

1887 The Royal Commission on Water Supply for rural Victoria presented its final report to the Parliament.
Ho hum. Same bucket of shit, different level.

Brisbane has been declared a disaster zone...contrary to rumour that wasn't a comment on their architecture.

1893 Aussie author and poet Henry Lawson hopped on board the Waihora for Wellington, NZ.
Being a tad short of ready cash he slept in pipes in a park, then worked in a saw-mill, repaired telegraph lines and sold a few of his stories and verses to keep body and soul together. Apparently he had a rather jolly time.

When you have a pristine forest you can always get good odds on some twat of a politician screwing it up with something nobody wants.

1898 Some smarty pants in Hobart screeched " Mavis, where the bleedin' heck did I leave my kero for the torches again? Let there be light!"
And thus the town was lit by electricity.

Chris Evans, Immigration Minister proves politicians DO have commonsense...glad I was sitting down for that one.
*Waves to readers from DFAT "Hi again, like your boss' work!"

1947 NZ's worst fire caused the death of 41 people in Ballantines Dept Store in Christchurch.
This resulted in stricter revisions to fire safety codes throughout the whole of NZ.

Other people opt for Suduko, crosswords or even a good book but this lad was in a flight class all of his own.


  1. "Chris Evans, Immigration Minister proves politicians DO have commonsense..."

    Singing: 'So here's to you, Ms Robinson, Ozland holds a place for those who pay'...etc.

  2. Um, you are putting me to shame.

    You know more about NZ history than I do ......

  3. Tis Tuesday.....can't think of a thrilling thing to rhapsodise about the damn day, so go forth and do whatever you had planned.

    I planned a rail line to Doncaster...but I don't think it'll eventuate somehow.

  4. LOL @ WS..... that's why I come here - to keep up with what happened :)

  5. Ws I second that.....I learn a lot on here

  6. Sometimes it's just really hard to get adjusted properly.

  7. True, Brian,I had to have a lie down after I wrote that sentence!

    LOL, WS.

    Dammit, Reuben, just get everyone and their picks and shovels to start, the State Govt can catch up later ;)

    LOL, Kelly and Janine; then I shall expect a 2,000 word essay on the highlights of NZ history by...ummmm....2020 ? :P

  8. There's a fine line between "adjusting" and "agitating" one's willy, Evyl lol :P

  9. Good idea; but I'll leave the land acquisition to you, Jayne.

  10. What is this "land acquisition" of which you speak, Reuben?!
    I will simply tell people they can either have a train through their loungerooms or they can shift their houses to Outer Mongolia for a change of scenery :P