Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trivial History November 19

It's World Toilet Day, and, no, I'm not taking the piss.

Qld has the Big Macadamia Nut, the Big Pineapple, the Big Marlin and now they can boast the Biggest Fake Boobs in the Land of Oz.

1800 The Colony of NSW was deluged with the first circulation of copper coins.
We're rich, we're rich!

I guess that means King Kong's off the Chrissy card list this year...?

1834 Edward Henty suffered from itchy feet; after upping sticks for Westralia, he had a gander at Tassie then he hopped on board the ship Thistle and dragged his family, servants and stock kicking and screaming (the stock, not the servants) to the wilds of the totally unsettled Port Phillip Colony (Victoria), where he quickly established himself at Portland, becoming the first European settler in the colony.

Queensland; beautiful one day, full of strange, confused nude people the next!

1917 Old Billy Hughes was hell-bent on getting his damned conscription legislation through ; Qld Premier T.J Ryan gave a speech at an anti-conscription rally only to have the press censor it.
Repeating the speech in Parliament 3 days later, the censors had a conniption and seized all copies of Hansard.
Old Billy dared him to repeat the speech outside Parliament, which he did;only to find he and his deputy, E. G Theodore were charged with "breaches of the War Precautions Act."
Someone finally saw sense when the charges were dropped at the beginning of their trial on December 6th.

Gee, tough call ; world economic crisis and 1 pulp mill might save Tassie...?
I don't think so, sunshine.

1937 Hubert "Oppy" Opperman got off his bike after a record-setting ride from Frematle to Sydney in just 13 days, 10 hours and 11 mins.

What is it with blokes in the Top End getting their kit off ???

1941 HMAS Sydney sank off the Westralia coast with a total of 645 lives.

YES! YES! YES! There IS a Goddess!
1992 The Fred Hollows Foundation, created by Kiwi-born Fred Hollows, was launched in NZ.

Kennett speaks his mind, yet again...pot, meet kettle.


  1. "It's World Toilet Day."

    Every day is World Toilet Day, isn't it?

  2. I just read about World toilet day on our online news. Was interesting because one of our local schools is fundraising money to help provide flushing toilets to a school in Uganda. like the post meet kettle reference.

  3. Please, let it be true. She of the flat screen television forehead is giving up movies? Praise the goddess!

  4. Yes, though some programs are just full of piss and wind, Brian ;)

    It's amazing how we take the little things for granted and they're considered a luxury in some countries, Janine.

    We have hope, Anja, she wants to concentrate on Sunday Roast and motherhood.
    And leave us all alone :)

  5. world toilet day.............. does that mean I have to clean them? lol

  6. Nah, B, just throw a bag of bi carb of soda at it and close the lid ;)

  7. Great news for the Tamar Valley. Busy day, better hop off.