Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trivial History November 2

Stumbled over this great new Aussie band, Rudely Interrupted.
Click HERE to have a gander at the band and their bio, click HERE to listen to their songs.
Could someone point this band out to the knob-heads in the Immigration Dept denying a decent family the right to live here in Oz?

1788 Having nothing better to do, and no photos to scrapbook, The Powers That Be decided to start a settlement at Rose Hill.
A Rose by any other name might smell as sweet but this one is known now as Parramatta.

For those of you in Melbourne and interested the Prahran Mechanics Institute is showing some historic films on November 12. Call 95103393 for details.

1868 Again leading the world, NZ became the first country to adopt standard time throughout the whole nation. The clocks were 11.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and was known as New Zealand Mean Time.

 Place Name Origin -
Balcatta in Westralia was the Aboriginal name for a nearby swamp but a landowner liked the sound of it so much that he named his large abode Balcatta, which in turn was given to the subdivided estate.
Clear as mud?

Balcombe in Victoria was a name borrowed from the bloke Alexander Balcombe who lived in a really scrumptious old joint mansion called The Briars.

1877 Legendary Aussie cricketer Victor Trumper arrived in the world.

Some interesting books about Australia are for sale at the Genealogical Society of Victoria; you may browse the selection HERE and you may also buy me any book you think I might like.

1899 At Lancaster Park , in NZ, Captain Lorraine took to the winds in his hot air balloon but was shortly afterwards lost at sea.

Another great source for history books that might grab your attention is HERE.

1903 Sea bathing campaigners were successful when Manly Council put to bed the ridiculous law that banned bathing in daylight hours.
Neck-to-knee swimming costumes, though, were the thing to dictated by Council by-laws.

If you haven't been able to make it to the Royal Historical Society of Victoria history lectures, they are now available to listen to as podcasts HERE.

1914 The Deans family, of NZ, were generous souls and donated Riccarton Bush ( formerly called Deans Bush) to the city.

Some great exhibitions and events in November for all ages at the State Library of Victoria HERE.
A list of some wonderful subjects to learn about at the State Library of Victoria HERE.

1922 Those magnificent blokes in their flying machines took to the air with Qantas, beginning the first regular-as-prunes air service between Charleville and Cloncurry in Qld.

Check out the great exhibits and activities on at the Melbourne Museum HERE.

2002 Gay Games VI, Under New Skies, opened with a bang in Sydney, with 12,100 athletes.

November 7th-16th will see the 2008 Northern Notes Writers Festival in Darebin (Melbourne).
Click HERE for details.


  1. "2002 Gay Games VI, Under New Skies, opened with a bang in Sydney..."

    I will not rise to the bait...because I know you've written that deliberately.

  2. Hmmm the gay games in Sydney 2 years after the Olympics. Does that mean we will see the Gay Games in Beijing in 2010?

  3. Drat. You've been trained too well, Grasshopper-Brian.

    Not quite, Marita, t'will be in Cologne, Germany in 2010 ;)

  4. Re the Doctor, I am sure he will be able to stay but I wonder if he would have if the process was allowed to run its course without any publicity.

  5. Nope, Andrew.
    A really good adolescent psychiatrist we knew, who'd set up many great programs in the public system, was tossed out when he applied for residency due to his son having autism.
    NZ offered him a job immediately.
    Looked back over my old archived notes and found mid-2006 there were approx. 30+ professional career families kicked out of Oz for having an autistic child.
    Number was much higher when other disabilities were included.
    No publicity, no second chances.

  6. That's just disgusting the figures on kicking out profession people with a child with a disability.

    That band is REALLY REALLY good aye!

  7. I'll try to hunt up the full set of figures, Bettina, it's a quiet discrimination that's been going on for a long time.
    Their song is stuck in my head now lol.