Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trivial History November 20

Did you know....
That it's been Anti-bullying Week throughout the UK ?
Something that should be observed 365 days a year, everywhere.
Good resources HERE.

This Kiwi knows where to stick his triple word score.

869 St Edmund, the Saxon King, was dealt a nasty blow or two...or three...or forty-four...
Determined to be the King of the Sand Castle the Vikings tortured him, shot him full of arrows and - just to make certain - beheaded him.
So that means today is his Feast Day.

Not quite as successful as Obama's "Yes, We Can" campaign was the Qantas Lobster Scam...No, you can't.

1841 17 yr old Maketu Wharetotara killed five people at the farm where he worked.
The following March his became the first official execution in NZ.

The Fat Controller Man at Cowra railway station is twiddling his thumbs now.

1902 Sir Charles Todd reported as sighting from the Adelaide Observatory a large fireball moving so ponderously through the sky that he watched it for 4 mins.
Nice to know he had nothing better to do!

They're farming the wrong type of worms in Victor Harbour!

1924 South Oz radio station 5CL began broadcasting on the Adelaide airwaves.

Lennon learns his inside voice can have the power for good....just on the wrong side of the argument.

1931 Phar Lap, the Kiwi-born Aussie champion racehorse, was loaded onto the ship Ulimaroa to NZ where he rested for several weeks before the final leg to the USA.

When eels go BAD !
1937 Santa, parachuting in for the Farmers' Christmas Parade in Auckland, narrowly managed to avoid smashing through the glass roof of the Winter Gardens when he was blown off course.
Santa was uninjured and, true to his word, handed out toys to all the kiddies.
Penis Pasta...hmmm, no, that's definitely not a dish on my menu!

1953 The Piltdown Man was exposed as a fraud.

Nude Hugh Jackman scene might just get me along to see the movie "Australia" long as I can hit the pause button.

1962 Phil the Greek popped up in Oz to open the Commonwealth Games in Perth.

Scientists are high-fiving each other after finding a previously unknown penguin in New Zealand.
The bird hadn't reported itself to lost property as it's been dead for 500 years.


  1. "'s been Anti-bullying Week throughout the UK..."

    Obviously the annual family get-together I was forced to attend the other night had been granted undiplomatic immunity.

  2. okay am I the only one who didn't know that there were professional scrabble players in the world? ewwwww at penis pasta thats just fricken odd..who the heck would even think about doing that besides the guy who got caught..ugh!! But I did giggle at Santa parachuting being blown off course only in NZ.

  3. OOo scrablle champion, now that would look good on your resume.

  4. Not even Hugh's naked form could coerce me to sit through the agony of that movie.

  5. Ahh, a corker in the thigh, Brian ?

    I didn't know there were pro Scrabble players,either, Janine.Santa gave me a chuckle but the penis pasta made me gag just a tad!

    He'd know how to use those extra vowels customers through around, WS ;)

    So long as I hit the pause button, Anja. If not, I shant be gracing the film with my presence ;)

  6. Nude hugh jackman!!

    no, still not enough......

  7. I actually have a friend who does a whole heap of anti-bullying stuff in Aus also -

    Poor old kids - apparently a survey in the UK recently had 75% of adults saying they were little animals.

  8. Ummm.... what IS "Australia The Movie"???? What a god-awful concept....I'm imagining 200-odd years (....and I'm not making judgements in regards to oddness. Truly! LOL) potted down to a couple of hours with Nicole and Hugh and I'm just not getting it.....

  9. And the Judge was heard to say to Mr. Pasta Penis, 'Mama Mia, Those are some spicy Meatballs.'

  10. I tell ya, B, the horses in that flick are looking more attractive than Nicole and the script!

    They learn their animal instincts from their animal parents, Jeanie ;)

    It would be 2 hours of your life that you'd never get back, Kelly. Bamboo under the fingernails is the preferred option ;)

    LMFAO, Evyl !

  11. That it's been Anti-bullying Week throughout the UK ?

    When's ours? (I've been meaning to get Glossy some rehabilitation).

  12. I think the Ed Dept policy is every day, Reuben, but I don't know if the info was passed on...