Friday, November 21, 2008

Trivial History November 21

Gird your loins, dear readers.
It's World Hello Day - say hello (or G'Day) to 10 people for peace.
Also World Television Day - use the power of your idiot box for good!
Maybe No Music Day ?

Tassie in a tiff at being left off "Australia" movie posters; Tassie Devils also miffed at being over-looked for Nicole's role.

1789 Having lugged his ball and chain all over the colony James Ruse plonked himself on 30 acres, known as Experiment Farm, at Rose Hill (Parramatta) to see if he could support himself.

More arrogance about that damn pipeline, shoved down our gullets by that damn Brumby.
*waves to the many paranoid eyes!

1863 After many bloody battles the Maori surrendered to the British at Rangiriri.
Read more HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hint -
Ladies, buy your spouse a fishing license and send him off to catch some fish; it'll be fresher than fresh, cheaper than chips and you'll get more peace than a Save Mandy Vanstone rally.

1865 Mountford's architectural masterpiece, which also saved his pride, was completed.
The Provincial Council Buildings in Durham Street, Canterbury, helped smooth over the disaster the architect experienced when his first building work, a Lyttelton church, was found so unsound and dangerous that it had to be demolished.

Droppin' the duds in Dubbo ; again, what the heck is it with nuding up lately?!

1871 The Victorian Parliament passed the Railway Extension Act which , oddly, led to speedy expansion of the rail network. (think I fell off my chair, don't often read of railway expansion!)
Helloooooooo, Kosky and Brumby, hope you're taking notes!

Oz Slanguage-
Knee-high to a grasshopper = describing someone who is very small.
(knee-high on a grasshopper is between 2 - 4.5 mms for those who were wondering...)

1897 The Great Fire of Melbourne took place.
The block of buildings from Flinders Street to Flinders Lane to Elizabeth Street went up in flames.
Read one of the original newspaper reports HERE.

Just when you thought nothing could smell as bad as Kosky's handling of Victoria's public transport, along comes the legal stoush over the gas-leaking tip at Brookland Greens.

1902 Towitta, NSW, residents were treated to a sky show when the sky was lit up as bright as day at 11pm. At midnight several towns were illuminated by the same fireball.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Half pie = a half-hearted effort at something.

1936 The Hume Dam was done and dusted, creating one of the largest H2o storages in the Southern Hemisphere.
Please sir, can we have some more...?

Endangered Bush-tailed rock wallabies were returned to the wild.
Can we do the same with Peter Garrett?

1936 The wonderful Dr Victor Chang was dropped off by the stork.

A weapons amnesty has been a great success in north-west Victoria, but now for the big question - will they take my weapon of mental destruction, my mother-in-law?
1969 The witty, talented and prolific Aussie writer/artist Norman Lindsay departed this mortal coil.

If you go down to the beach today, you're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the beach today, you'd better cover your thighs;
It's breeding, begating and bonking today,
Today's the day the coral shoots off eggs and sperm!


  1. "...say hello (or G'Day) to 10 people for peace."

    Looks like the world's going to end up at war, then. I can't think of 10 people worth saying 'hello' to.

  2. lol at Brian's comment, best I make an effort then and say hi to 10 people or maybe I could half pie say hi. Thanks for sharing the link to the newspaper article about the great fire of Melbourne.

  3. what caused the fireball?????

    and ewwwwwwwww, coral reef sperm...

  4. I went to read the fire story, and instead learned that Heildon Spa Water absorbs gas, others repel it - and also that you can get a free Tropo hat if you write to a doctor in Queen Street.

  5. Aw crap! I just know I'm going to be singing the Coral Spawning/Teddy Bear's Picnic today, and some sweet little munchkin who lives with me will end up singing it at playgroup.

  6. Thanks god I have no munchkins at home to sing the coral spawning picnic song to lol

    You should make a youtube video of that! lmao

  7. Bacon buttys at 10 paces, Brian ?

    LOL Janine :)

    They think it's ball lightning, Goldie.

    Think you'll be waiting a while for that hat, Jeanie lol.

    Excellent, Anja *insert evil snigger here* :P

    B, my singing would break the whole interwebs :P

  8. Gird your loins, dear readers.

    But I need them!

  9. buy your spouse a fishing license and send him off to catch some fish; it'll be fresher than fresh, cheaper than chips and

    And if caught in Port Phillip Bay or the Yarra River, could have some interesting chemical enhancements.

  10. You're not yet 20, Reuben, you can spare them :P

    I'm waiting for The Simpson's 3 eyed fish to be caught in the Yarra, Andrew :P

  11. I'll do my part for the Hello Day. Howdy Jayne.

  12. ROFL, that is the most squeemish ending to a post I have read in a while. Ewww is right. Also thanks for the fabulous link to the newspapers site thingo. Looks like I could be battening down with a thermos of coffee, liqueur chocs and will re-emerge sometime next week, month, year. Ain't life grand.

  13. I ain't sending MPS out with a fishing line or hooks. He will probably die of fright and wither away when he realises that rivers don't have a USB port.

  14. You'll lose many an hour on the newspaper site, LiD, it's marvellous ;)

    Or when he sees the coral spawning their dirty little socks off, Kelley :P