Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trivial History November 22

Yes, I'm late again.
Did something silly yesterday which sort of distracted me last night.
I'm a tad clumsy with my rotten eyesight so I bash my feet, toes, ankles, and other protruding body bits about a bit, giving me a high pain threshold.
Thought I'd scraped the outside of my ankle against a staple on an old wooden box yesterday, did the "Ow, ow" dance looked at the tiny speck of blood and forgot about it.
Went to tuck my foot under me to sit at the pc last night and I was reminded with SHARP pain that had me turning the air blue.
Had a good look and feel of the "scrape" ....there was a half inch nail head sticking out the top of the wound.
Dragged it out, showed it to the The Spouse who looked green and then I took myself off to bed for a good lie down and a sleep in!
To wake up this morning only to discover the dining room ceiling has a leak.
Ho hum!
*If I was of a paranoid nature and believed in conspiracies I could claim it was all the work of those beady little eyes spying on me from Canberra....but I'm not quite that mad!

1838 The oh so popular Melbourne Cricket Club was formed by some blokes who liked their whites white!

1884 Boot factory employees were locked out of the factories until the following February due to their campaign to stop sweatshop labour in private homes.

1902 Those fireballs were on a roll when one lit up the NSW town of Nyngan as bright as day as it passed overhead.

1956 Ron Clarke lit the Olympic Flame in Marvellous Melbourne.

1958 All trams in Adelaide, except for the Glenelg line, became history.

1977 That bloke with the large stomach, no not Santa, Norm, helped launch the Life. Be In It exercise campaign which is still going strong today.

1978 The thank fluck it's over very final day of commercial whaling in Oz.

1986 Pope John Paul II was just passing, saw the Kiwi's light on and thought he'd pop in for a cuppa.

1987 The "Trans Alpine" express train, running from Christchurch to Greymouth, started zipity-doo-dah-ing.

1990 (Just for Brian...and others with good taste) Maggie Thatcher buggered off from being PM of the UK.


  1. "(Just for Brian...and others with good taste) Maggie Thatcher buggered off from being PM of the UK."

    Ah yes...the 'Night of the Long Knives' as it was known amongst politicians...or the 'Night of the Two Bottles of Celebratory Whisky' as it was known in my house.

  2. *OUCH!!!!*

    Hope you have had a tetanus booster recently.... ;)

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  4. Hooley Dooley, whaling was still going on in the 70s? *shudders*

  5. Damn, you do have a high threshold for pain.

  6. Did something silly yesterday which sort of distracted me last night.

    Oh don't tell me you accidentally elected a conservative for the local council.

  7. Ouch, you've got to milk that for all it's worth. Lots of pampering with foot up on a comfy pillow.

  8. I imagine there were many similar celebrations, Brian ;)

    Ta, I'm fine, Dina :)

    Yep, about 2 years or 10 years ago, Kelly lol.

    Scarily recent, Anja.

    Yes,but only through constant foot abuse, Evyl lol.

    Wash your mouth out, Reuben :P

    Not too bad, thanks, B, tiny ache but I'm not ready to chop it off ;)

  9. LOL Wish you'd told me this morning, LiD, been galloping about like a mad woman ;)

  10. I was feeling slighty green reading your tale, you certainly have a high threshold for pain....