Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trivial History November 23

One shouldn't go dragging nails out of one's ankles or be greeted with a leaking ceiling during the best weekend of rain when one is attempting to quit smoking.
Or one could sit in the hen house until the urge passes.

1830 The Lord Mayor of London was lobbied to stop cruelty to lobsters during the marketing of them.
But....their dainty lil legs taste so damn yummy....

Kiwi Slanguage-
If your brains were barbed wire you couldn't fence a dunny = I suspect this may be an insult (tongue removed from cheek).

1852 The very first bright red pillar post boxes of the Royal Mail postal service popped up, like small red TARDIS's, on the island of Jersey.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Dannevirke on the North Island was founded by Norwegian, Danish and Swedish settlers on October 15th, 1872, and they borrowed the name from that of a Viking defence line for the title of their town.

1869 The Cutty Sark was launched (the ship, not the cheap gut rot whiskey).

Oz Slanguage-
Pink = to shear too close to the sheeps skin.
Not to be confused with Pinkie, a nickname for cheap booze.

1902 It was Ipswich's turn to have a fireball pop across its skies but this one exploded.

Place Name Origins-
Ballendella near Rochester in Victoria was named after the Koori who accompanied explorer Major Mitchell on his 1836 wanderings.

Balliang near Bacchus Marsh in Victoria was named for the Koori leader who worked in the Crown Lands Commissioner's house at Geelong in the 1840's.

1932 Aussie PM Lyons unveiled The Dog on The Tuckerbox memorial to commemorate all the pioneers of the area.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Clean out gutters, spouting and down pipes.
In case it rains sometime again in the next 12 months.

1947 The 41 victims of the Ballantyne's Dept Store fire, from November 18, were given a civic funeral with Christchurch Cathedral filled with friends and family while others filled the Square outside. People lined the route to Ruru Lawn Cemetery and 10,000 attended the graveside services.

And the mayor wonders why no women would go within a camel's roar of him .

1961 The Cricket Mo of Power aka Merv Hughes was pupped at Euroa.

Police taser teen; mothers predicted to apply for homework Taser use, table manners Taser use and the biggie.. the Clean-up-your-pigsty-of-a-room-before-I-set-this-thing-to-stun!

1963 At 5:15pm Doctor Who debuted on BBC television. 
Owing to the assassination of President Kennedy and several power outages across the UK the first episode was given an encore airing the following week ahead of the 2nd episode.

1984 Dr Phyllis Guthardt, the Minister from Riccarton Parish, became the first woman to be the head of the Methodist Church.
1988 Human remains, dating back to pre-European settlement of NZ, were found during excavation of the YMCA building.; the area was declared tapu (taboo) until the remains were carefully removed.


  1. "1963 At 5:15pm Doctor Who debuted on BBC television."

    Here's a bit of trivia for you. In the first ever episode the TARDIS had disguised itself as a police box to blend in with its surrounding in a junk yard in 1960's London. At the start of the second episode the Doctor landed in the Neolithic era and the TARDIS failed to change shape (as it was supposed to) because, apparently, it's 'chameleon circuit' had broken. As a result it's been a police box ever since, although, in reality, the programme's producers just could afford the budget for a different shaped TARDIS every week.

  2. Yep, it was supposed to be a learning program for kids and the TARDIS was supposed to change into things from the different time periods it was visiting. Budgets are the real history makers LOL.

  3. You should have waited a month before doing the nail through a limb thing. It is quite popular in late December, I believe.

  4. Oooo thanks for the Doctor Who trivia, Brian. :)

  5. One shouldn't go dragging nails out of one's ankles or be greeted with a leaking ceiling during the best weekend of rain when one is attempting to quit smoking.

    You could just do as I do: go to sleep and forget about the world.

  6. I wanted to get in ahead of the crowds, Andrew :P

    He's worth his weight in bacon buttys, Anja ;)

    I tried that, Reuben, but the world invades my dreams of late...or that might be nicotine withdrawals :P

  7. And Danniverke actually have a welcome to Danniverke sign with a viking on the sign. I know as we stopped there as we passed through so I could take a photo if it (its the scrapper in me). As for Ballentynes fire, that was so sad, a kiwi author wrote a story based on the fire about two years ago but changed the setting. That was a good read too.

  8. "He's worth his weight in bacon buttys, Anja ;)"

    I'm a millionaire?

  9. You'll have to post the pic, Janine!
    Oh, that would be a hard book to read :(

    Yes, Brian, you yellow clay shares :P