Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trivial History November 24

 Words of Wisdom to start the week -
Repeat after me...
"                                                        "

1642 The Apple Isle was lying there in Bass Strait, slumbering away when all of a sudden some bloke named Abel Tasman was casting his baby blues over it and calling Van Diemen's Land after the Gov-Gen of the Dutch East Indies.
The Apple Isle merely kept snoring.

Good Lord! Commonsense is running amok in NSW!
I think I need a Bex and a good lie down after reading this.

1881 The Borough of St Albans was created in Christchurch.

Something that will go straight to Brian's heart....a cow rescued from a septic tank.
Finally it was in the right spot for its deposit.

1876 That chappie who designed various bits and pieces of Oz, Walter Burley Griffin was found in the cabbage patch.

Gratuitous nude news article...nude man chased burglar.

1902 A bloke in Harris Park in Sydney was knocked out and left partially paralysed when a fireball exploded directly above his head.

Yes...I can see the link between prostitute mannequins and garden gnomes to bring in the customers....can't you?

1934 The Duke of Gloucester officially unveiled the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney.

More nude news...between the fillet of fish and cheeseburgers.

1959 Mystery still surrounds the sinking of the NZ freighter ship Holmglen with the loss of all on board, on this day.

Do you really know where your aerobics teacher came from and should you expect snakes while doing your lunges?


  1. ""A 500kg cow fell into a septic tank 3m into the ground," a spokesman said."

    Or to put it another way, Sydney gets a new McDonald's.

  2. Laughing so hard about the aerobics teacher I fell off my chair.


    still laughing.

  3. Bulls-eye, Brian ;)

    That's your exercise for the week, Marita ;)

  4. um I was astounded by the burglar and naked man. I dare say the burglar has no street cred left once his mates found out he was chased down the street by an old naked man with a garden hose (oh that conjures up images), but reading the article was enuogh for me lol.

  5. Mind appropriately boggled :-o

  6. After reading the story of the plastic prostitutes, I now know what I am asking for Christmas.

  7. The image isn't a pretty one, Janine lol.

    Sit down while you're boggling, Naomi :P

    You want a garden gnome, Evyl ? :P