Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trivial History November 27

The time stamp of this post is correct; the Human Chainsaw aka The Spouse had me wide awake and plotting marital murder so I did a Jeanie and got up to do some stuff and the computer called me to it.
Coz it's a bitch getting bloodstains out at 3am....although bi carb of soda and a little vinegar works wonders.
So I'm told.

Tis Lancashire Day, celebrating something to do with parliament and pollies and my head hurts thinking about it now... although something is happening at Fleetwood on the Fisherman's Walk at 11am.
More details of the days events HERE.

Another reason why polar bears need a hair cut....with an optional genital style and blow wave maybe not a good idea.

1582 Proving that Gen X didn't invent sex, a marriage licence was issued to William Shakespeare for a shot-gun wedding to Anne Hathaway who was 3 months pregnant.

The ability to drive over yourself puts this man's talents in the circus....or gaol.

1789 Rather partial to a duel, John "I loves me a Merino sheep" Macarthur had a tiff with his captain on the way to the NSW Colony but fortunately only the captains coat was wounded and the Macarthur's were given a larger cabin on another ship on the Second Fleet.

Aussie Parliament House is being invaded by a life-form whose intelligence puts it far above the garden variety politician.....the Bogong Moth.

1826 That young chappie who'd been a marine but deliberately became a convict as he was convinced they led cushy lives, Joseph Sudds, found life serving his sentence in leg-irons not so cushy so he gave up the ghost and expired.
The general public were equally cushy in their estimate of Gov Darling after this.

See what happens when farmers don't have sheep to crutch up the back paddock? They build their own robot army!
1849 The infamous Napoleon of the Southern Hemisphere,  Ngati Toa leader Te Rauparaha, passed away.

When they said they saw the light, it wasn't supposed to be the mirror ball light these disco dancing nuns were enchanted with....

1867 During the Duke of Edinburgh's visit - no, not Phil the Greek, though, yes, he could be that old except he's beyond carbon dating - a large group of Irish Catholics barged into the Orange Free Lodge building in Melbourne and caused a bit of a ruckus.
Shots were wildly fired and a youth was fatally wounded.

Dishy David Ten Inch Tennant gets to play with a people's playing with a head.

1872 Sweet teeth in Marvellous Melbourne saw Qld sugar snapped up for £35 per ton.

As the old graffiti saying went-
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
If you don't use it
The damn thing will rust.

1876 The Banana Benders were leading the field when they passed legislation to create the first public fire service in Oz, shifting out the private fire brigades who fought over the insurance money before they even put the flames out.

The Bogan School of Deportment is obviously working wonders with schoolie bitch fights down on last years numbers.
Their mummies will be roolly, roolly proud!

1940 The NZ liner ship Rangitane was sunk by two German raider ships 300 miles off the East Cape of New Zealand with the loss of 15 lives.

It's hot, damn hot, in the Top End when you find yourself swimming with a croc in your own backyard pool....though the Jaws theme music is also helping me stay on dry land.

1970 Great Iron Gloves himself aka Rod Marsh, made his Test Cricket debut in a lovely ball gown of taffeta for Oz against the Old Dart at Brissy.

Everything for the discerning new home buyer is usually built in, just BYO coven, witch craft and prehistoric stone circle.

1985 Whilst digging away in Lancaster Park, Canterbury, excavators found where they'd mislaid the old swimming pool that once hosted the Oz and Kiwi Swimming Championships.

Barry Manilow; many have said his songs are a criminal punishment - now crims get to listen to him for punishment.
Karma in motion.

*I said 'exotic' not 'erotic', smutty!


  1. Typical man, build a robot to pull you around rather than one to stay home to cook and do laundry.

  2. bloomin heck that is early!! Dancing nuns at the basketball I have read it all now!! The schoolies made our news last night well the boys did for the number of arrest etc. It seems to be a big thing over there. Here in NZ it seems more low key( as to what the kids do to celebrate end of school).

  3. The Bogan lasses are behaving. *sniggers*

    I wonder what the lessons are? Do they teach:

    How to vomit like a lady and not puke on your hair?

  4. "Tis Lancashire Day, celebrating something to do with parliament and pollies and my head hurts thinking about it now..."

    Bugger! Bugger blast and bugger! I knew there was something I should have been doing! Wyre Archaeology always hires the ecology centre at Stanah on Lancashire Day and puts on an exhibition/talk. Great time to sell loads of books. And I'd forgotten! Typical that I have to find out via an Australian website eh? Bugger, grunt, bugger and blast!

  5. I haven't pulled a 3am for weeks now!!!

    However, you are in synch with another blogger - Queen of the Shake Shake did a 3am for a similar reason...

    And those nuns doing a shake for salvation!!

  6. LOL Got it in one, Elizabeth!

    This schoolies rubbish is just parental-allowed piss-ups, Janine, and very ugly.

    LOL Anja, and how to hold your best friend's hand bag while she necks a bottle of rum on the bar with strange men.

    Bugger, Brian!

    LOL Jeanie, for some reason your 3am to do lists have shrunk since a certain wedding :P

  7. Glad you didn't get blood on your carpet.

  8. Coz it's a bitch getting bloodstains out at 3am....

    It's worst at 4am, trust me.

  9. No, I let him live, Dina lol.

    Yeah, I hear those 4am stains can get really nasty, Reuben ;)

  10. although something is happening at Fleetwood on the Fisherman's Walk at 11am.

    What is happening is that Fleetwood is slipping into the river, having had its foundations undermined by archaeologists.

  11. I wonder if they gave the polar bear a nice little landing strip.

  12. Another Venice, eh Andrew?

    Do you know how many tubs of wax they had to go through, Evyl?!

  13. "What is happening is that Fleetwood is slipping into the river, having had its foundations undermined by archaeologists."'s the rabbits what are causing the damage, I swear.

  14. Those rabbit burrows are very perfect and almost always come down on yellow clay, Brian....