Friday, November 28, 2008

Trivial History November 28

I'm sneaking off to bed early in the hope that I will be off in the land of Nod before The Spouse rolls in with his window-rattling snore.
Failing that, you'll find me playing Solitarie on the 'puter at 3am...that's my alibi and no, officer, I have no idea how my husband ended up sleeping on the front lawn with an alarm clock inserted in his *ahem*...

1795 The first load of Aussie cedar was bon voyaged off into the sunset to India.

A common mistake, police thinking tomato plants might be pot.....which is why most teenager boys suddenly grow an interest in their mother's vegie garden...and it's not for the organic goodness their mother's think.

1805 Settlers and food from Norfolk Island popped in to the Derwent (Tassie) settlement.
The food was made most welcome.

If I were head gardener on an English estate for nearly 20 years I wouldn't be admitting to having just found a previously unknown jungle where I was supposed to be working!

1834 Wollongong was notified as a town site; who was notified is a mystery as the town itself was but a housing developers future dream.

Kiwi Slanguage-
How much would you charge to rent a 10 room house? = a rhetorical question asked to suggest a person is rather ugly.

1844 A public meeting in Melbourne saw the folks demanding a separation from NSW due to irreconcilable differences and NSW's habit of wearing last years fashions and they picked a Representative to pop along to the Old Dart with a petition for Queen Vicky to peruse.

Oz Slanguage-
Nitkeeper = one who keeps nit; to keep nit is to keep a lookout during some illegal activity.

1893 Those lucky Kiwi lassies waltzed off to the polls to vote in a general election, the first gals to do so anywhere in the world.

NZ Place Name Origin -
Dargaville on the North Island nicked its name from a bloke what combined an honest living as a timber merchant with the nefarious job of being a politician, Joseph Dargaville.
1899 Those Queenslanders were quick off the mark again when Anderson Dawson formed the world's very first, never-before-seen Labor Government.
Trouble was, it was sworn in on December 1st and poor old Anderson had bugger-all support and was defeated on 4th December although it limped along, officially, until December 7th.

Place Name Origin -
Ballina in NSW was corrupted from an Aboriginal word, Bullenah, which meant fish or oysters. Unsurprisingly Ballina is parked near the Richmond River.

Balls Head and Balls Head Bay in NSW (stop twittering) were not named after someone's balls up but after a naval officer of the First Fleet, Henry Ball, who used his God-given eyeballs and spied Lord Howe Island slumbering in the sun.
Balmain in NSW was a parcel of land Governor Hunter granted to First Fleet surgeon, William Balmain, who flogged it for 5 shillings barely 18 months later and buggered off back home to the Old Dart.

1903 Port Phillip Bay's first major oil spill was regurgitated when the Petriana ran aground on Portsea Back Beach.

Did you know...
That each Kiwi gobbles 4 kgs of the chocolate goodness every year.
That's letting the side down, don't you think you lot could at least try for 5 kgs?

1908 The first work began on Henry Ell's dream; for Summit Road in Christchurch to create the stunning scenic spots for travellers to appreciate the passing beauty whilst scurring on their way.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (known colloquilly as corned beef and pork) graced Oz with their presence in 1901 an official jotted on the liquor forms that a whole case of gin was acquired for the Duchess.

1964 Cashin Quay at Lyttelton Harbour was opened with a flourish.

Trivial trivia-
Winston Churchill's dislike of Aussies stemmed from when he boarded a ship carrying an Aussie cricket team in the 1890's. When he officially complained about their behaviour they tossed him in a blanket, after which he departed the ship in Port Said expressing strong language about the blokes from Oz.

2000 Bust out the champers - no, there's no nude news, sorry - the Uni of Queensland was running a veeerrrryyyyy long experiment to measure the flow of pitch (tar) and on this date the 8th drop dripped.
No, I seriously do not make this stuff up!

The NZ All Blacks began performing the Maori ceremonial dance, The Haka, before every rugby union match in 1889.


  1. Talk about too much time on your hands, that pitch drop experiment is freakin' nuts.

  2. "Did you know...
    That each Kiwi gobbles 4 kgs of the chocolate goodness every year."

    That's nothing. Michelle can eat that much in five minutes.

  3. hope you got some sleep last night. The port hills has some stunning views, you don;t think about the work that went into that until you are reminded by posts like yours. Also the haka seems to be unsettling the other rugby teams of late, I say build a bridge boys they are just upset they don't have anything like that.

  4. Hope you got some sleep. Hubby used to snore terribly until he got his CPAP machine. You have my sympathies.

    Love the gardeners finding the jungle, how big must the property be for that to have been hidden all these years.

  5. Could have aged a good scotch in that time, Evyl ;)

    She'd love the Chococlate Kettle chocolate shop then, Brian ;)

    Slept like a top, Janine, thanks lol.
    The haka certainly gets under their skin LOL.

    Makes you wonder how little of their own property the owners have explored, Marita lol.

  6. Well if you don't know who they had to notify of Wollongong becoming a town site then how am I meant to know who to notify that we'll be in town so they can organise our parade and festival and shit?