Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trivial History November 29

Another exciting day of bland, beige, nice and ho hum is on the menu so I might rev things up a baking a batch of scones.
I know, I know... life in the fast lane will turn my head.....

1854 Ballarat saw the more-than-miffed miners run the Southern Cross flag up the pole for the first time, burn their miners' licences and swear the Oath of Allegiance -
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."

It was discussed in court and they came to the conclusion that most men would have told them for nothing - that having big boobs is not an illness.
So...where does that leave man boobs...?

1879 Next time you're poking about the frozen food section spare a thought for the ship Strathleven.
It hauled the first cargo of frozen meat from Sydney across the world to London, where it arrived still frozen.
I can never defrost meat for dinner on time, either.

Biting a coma patient's toes to wake them up is not exactly a move neurologists would be rushing to employ....although that was the Duchess of York's secret of coping with the Royal Family - she was in a coma and her male "friend" was merely waking her up.....

1879 Preferring warmer climes the Castlemaine Brewery escaped the Victorian Winters by taking root in Brisbane on this day.

Top 5 new t-shirt slogans for Autism -
  1.  I like Dr Who, I have Autism, I play sport and I hate my vegies....what part do you have a problem with?
  2. Autism ; Someone crossed my wires and my IQ exploded.
  3. Neurotypicals; Can't live with ' let's vote 'em off the island.
  4. Autism; Just because we speak the same language doesn't make it any easier to understand you.
  5. Autism and Tourette's on board, imaginary friends ride free every other day.
1893 Elizabeth Yates became the first female mayor in the whole of the British Empire when she bolted away with the Onehunga Mayoralty.
Onya Mayor Yates!
In 1943, during a stint in the Australian Army, Sir William Dargie painted a portrait of General Douglas Macarthur...on a dunny door.

1917 Who would have thunk that throwing a chook's bum-nut would grow some coppers?
Hughes was banging on about his damn conscription garbage (yet again) in Warwick, Qld, on this day when someone summed him up correctly by hitting him with an egg. Hughes got his jocks in a twist when the local police didn't do much to investigate so the 12th December saw the first Commonwealth police Force created by Hughes.
Read about the "free fight on railway station" HERE.

Stuff you needed to know...
NZ has no snakes, no lions, no tigers and no bears...oh my!

1967 The first Aussie sattellite, WRESAT, was flung into the aether from the Woomera Rocket Base in South Oz.
Yes, boys and girls, Oz used to have a space program, too, once upon a time.

NZ Place Name Origin-
Douglas, in Taranaki on the North Island, very blandly got its title from a bloke in the surveying party.

1978 Ziggy Stardust himself, aka David Bowie, was rockin' 'em in Q.E II park in Canterbury.

Place Name Origin -
Balmuttum in Victoria is an Aboriginal word meaning 'man lying on his back'.
They'd obviously seen European politicians hard at work.

Balmoral in NSW was named, probably in shock at the size of the bill, for the castle Queen Vicky had thrown together in Scotland for a mere £100,000.

Balmoral in Victoria was named after the same expensive pile of stones as its NSW counter-part, although its original monikers were Mathers Creek and Black Swamp. 
I think it's a tad damp thereabouts...

1990 Treasurer Paul Keating announced The Land of Oz was experiencing "the recession we had to have."
Actully, Oz could have done without both the recession and Keating.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Mountain Oysters = sheep testicles


  1. "So...where does that leave man boobs...?"

    Usually just above a fat hairy belly.

  2. "I like Dr Who, I have Autism, I play sport and I hate my vegies....what part do you have a problem with?"

    Love that one although I don't play sport and love my veggies (except the green leafy ones :grin:)

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  5. "Someone crossed my wires and my IQ exploded"

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  7. Massive Mammaries might not be an illness but they could be back breakers.

    BTW, when speaking of male breasts the abbreviation 'moobs' works well.

  8. I might rev things up a baking a batch of scones.

    They must be 'shock-and-awe' stuff Jayne.

  9. Yeah, knocked the socks off the pumpkins cowering in the corner, Reuben :P