Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trivial History November 5

 Once again we have survived Melbourne Cup Day and Wednesday has arrived in one piece.
And for my custard-filled chocolate mud cake I am truly thankful.

1605 Guy Fawkes became the only bloke to enter Parliament with honest intentions - to blow it up.

Place Name Origin -
Balga in Westralia borrowed its name from the Aboriginal word for the grass tree that was once referred to as a blackboy.

Balgowlah in NSW was given its title by Surveyor Larmer in 1832 and no one knows from whence he plucked the name.

1799 Gov. Hunter obviously displeased his bosses back in England as a dispatch was sent telling him to get his backside back to the Old Dart and that Phillip Gidley King got to play King of the Castle Colony.
(Hope those at DFAT are taking notes!)

NZ Place Name Origins-
Coonoor in the North Island was christened from a sheep station which then was borrowed for the local school, then the local district and it grewed like Topsy.
The original sheep run took the name from Coonoor in India.

1803 Lt. David Collins was mightily unimpressed with the stunning scenery at Sullivan Bay settlement (near Sorrento) and asked Gov. King's permission to up sticks to somewhere else.
For, while they could drink in the views all day every day, it didn't quite quench their thirst like an undiscovered source of fresh water would have.

Kiwi Slanguage -
Flag = a negative response to a suggestion. IE "Flag that idea."

1881 Parihaka, a pacifist settlement protesting at the confiscation of Maori lands, was attacked by 1,600 police and volunteers.

Oz Slanguage-
Charlie = (rhyming slang) Charlie Wheeler = sheila = a female of the species.

1886 Christchurch was the site for the establishment of the New Zealand Kennel Club.

Gisborne, in NZ, is the first city to see the crack of dawn each day.

1910 Gaston Cugnet was visiting the fair state of Victoria when he tried his hand at piloting an aeroplane near Altona but managed to hit a cow when landing.

When an amateur footballer played his 300th game for Perth in 1981 he was treated to an all expenses paid stay at a local hospital to have his battered and bruised nose reshaped.

1913 Water front strikes in Wellington resulted in the Battle of Featherston Street where strikers did their utmost to stop racing nags from being trotted on board ships to transport them to Christchurch for the NZ Cup meeting.

Beginning a family tradition Mr Ralph hit a hole-in-one at Auckland's Remuera Gold course in the 1940's; which was quickly copied by his brother, father and mother.

1956 Aunty (ABC) began broadcasting on the idiot box!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Plant as many vegie seeds/seedlings now before the hot weather sets in; they'll be established and feeding your family through Summer.

1979 The Regent Theatre in Cathedral Square, Christchurch,lost much of its beautiful gilt, marble and mirrors in a fire that gutted it, although it played Phoenix and rose from the ashes 2 years later.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Cheat's Souvlaki (kebab) -
Take a cheap cut of meat, cut lengthways into long narrow strips.
Throw into a saucepan with sauces/marinades of choice and gently cook.
Dollop Greek yoghurt into another saucepan with crushed garlic, just heat through.
Take souvlaki pita bread and gently warm it in a pan taking care not to cook it.
Splat yoghurt sauce on warm pita bread, sprinkle with finely chopped lettuce, tomato and cucumber, toss cooked meat in, top with more sauce/marinade to taste, then roll and gobble.

1984 The Mount Vernon property was snapped up by the Christchurch Civic Trust Board to be turned into a public park.

Silly schoolyard rhymes-
Step on a crack,
You'll break your mothers back.
Step on a hair
And you'll marry a bear.

*Waves Hello to the readers from the Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade


  1. The things I learn from you.

    I never knew the hair/bear bit. Now I can rest easy and sleep at night.

  2. "Guy Fawkes became the only bloke to enter Parliament with honest intentions - to blow it up."

    And true to the nature of catholics, he pulled out right at the last minute.

  3. they aren't called 'black boys' anymore?

    blog bling for you at my place

  4. Phew, Elizabeth, now you know to never step on a hair ;)

    He got out at Redfern, Brian ? :P

    Nah, called grass trees now, B.
    Ta, I'll pop over ;)

  5. That recipe for souvlaki looks crazee tastee.

  6. It's very addictively yummy, Evyl ;)