Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trivial History November 6

Tis Thursday, that 24 hour period between Wednesday Hump Day and Get That Damn Vacuum Cleaner Away From Me, Don't You Know It's Friday, I'm Not Even Thinking About Housework Or Ironing Your Workshirts Until Monday Rolls Around Day.
Yep, the day that drags so slowly you're certain time has stopped and is actually going backwards.

1800 Future wishing wells were in luck when the ship Porpoise rocked up to Port Jackson with 4 tons of copper coins on board.
Either that or fisherman had a boat-load of sinkers to use.

Oz Slanguage-
Two-tooth = a sheep that's 1 year old (which seems to have disappeared from all supermarkets as everything in lamb in sheeps clothing these days).

1810 Macquarie wasn't as silly as he looked when he signed a contract with Riley, Wentworth and Blaxcell giving them the monopoly of importing rum into the colony on the one condition that they knock together Sydney's first permanent hospital, which came to be known as The Rum Hospital.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Hard case = a name for a joker or comedian.

1830 Twas a bleak day for those residents of Akaroa when Te Rauparaha's war party did them a rather nasty mischief , returning to Kapiti Island with both captives and a great deal of human flesh.
Gives spare ribs a whole new meaning....

NZ Place Name Origins-
Cromwell, on the South Island, was originally known as The Junction as both the Clutha and Kawarau Rivers met at this point for a do-se-do. Once gold was liberated from the soil at this spot some bright spark renamed it after old party-pooper himself, Oliver Cromwell.

1852 The Supreme Court at Lyttelton had its first Canterbury sitting.
The buggers haven't got up since.

Place Name Origin-
2 entries today to make you go "awwww"...or put you into a diabetic coma.
Balhannah in South Oz was founded by a very silver tongued Scottish chap who probably went far in life, James Thomson, who joined his mother's name (Belle) with his sister's name (Hannah) and gave it to the new town.

Ballam Park in Victoria nicked its name from the nearby large house and estate (Ballam Ballam), which in turn got its name from an Aboriginal word meaning Butterfly.

1867 2 troopers in charge of escorting mega moolah bank notes and gold from Rockhampton to the Clermont goldfields were found murdered; the Gold Commissioner who'd travelled with them, Thomas Griffin, was later found guilty and was hanged from the neck till deaded.

When Chief Constable Midgely happened to pop in for a cuppa with his friend Rev. Browne in Tassie one day in 1846 he wassoon clapping irons on robbers Henry Smart and Henry Ford who were ransacking the clergyman's abode for valuables.

1874 Needing some learned heads in the South Oz colony the University of Adelaide was established by an act of Parliament.

90 mile beach in NZ is actually only 65 miles long.

1908 The NZ North Island Main trunk railway line had its very last spike hammered home by PM Ward at Manganuioteao.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Tell the future children-in-law that to get on your good side they need to cook you a meal every other week.

1918 The beginning of the deadly influenza outbreak occurred on this day and ended with the death toll of 466 in Christchurch.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Cricket whites will lose that tinge of green grass stain with a vigorous scrubbing with Velvet soap and an old toothbrush, no bleach needed at all.
Except you might want to buy a new toothbrush.

1930 NZ's first regular air service began, flitting about the blue yonder on a weekly basis to Dunedin.

1957 The first ever issue of special Christmas postage stamps - the things used for snail mail, kiddies - were released.


  1. I don't get a hump on Wednesdays. All I get is a shopping list and the vaccuum cleaner shoved in my hand.

  2. Two-tooth! I don't remember hearing that one.

    Great Aunt Hepzibah - what do I do if I wash cricket whites with something red, and they turn pink? I tried bleaching them to death, but they just went a pale cream colour in normal light - which strangely enough turns BRIGHT PINK in the sunlight in the middle of a cricket pitch. I am not popular.

  3. Good thing, shopping lists, to keep you out of mischief, Brian :P

    Naomi, best thing is to recycle the cricket pinks into fashions on the field for the Spring Racing Carnival; you'll be a stunner!

  4. Laughing at Brians comments, interesting facts in today's post.....

  5. Funny, I was going to use the expression two tooth, when answering a blog comment, in reference to mutton done up as lamb. We say 'a bit of old two tooth', but I figured no one would know what it meant anymore.

  6. Thanks, Janine. Brian's good value, you should read his blog ;)

    I asked for mutton from a supermarket butcher about 2 yrs ago, Andrew, and he had NFI what I meant, nor two-tooth LOL.

  7. does anyone even know what snail mail is these days? lol

    The rum hospital aye, we they say that alcohol can be medicinal lol

  8. I'm all for the four day workweek so that Thursday can be the new Friday.

  9. LOL, Bettina, absolutely ;)

    I'd vote for you on that, Evyl :)