Friday, November 7, 2008

Trivial History November 7

POETS Day or TGIF has cracked it in the East.
I'm off for the day to run amok in my scrapbook stuffs, to try to bake a Christmas cake that will rise and to watch the baby blackbirds get wormies and bugs shoved down their gullet by their Mum.
Ahhh, bliss.

1821 Sir Thomas Brisvegas Brisbane pottered into Sydney to take over the Colony Crown as Guv'ner from Macquarie.

NZ PLace Name Origin -
Crooked River, in the South Island, got its name, oddly enough, due to the meandering course it has chosen to explore.

1848 Captain John Lort Stokes rocked up in his ship, the Acheron, to begin his 4 year survey of charting the Kiwi waters and coastline.

Oz Slanguage-
Ging = a sling-shot/catapult  type toy young louts played with once upon a time (before the little buggers graduated to larger and more nasty weapons).

1861 A new race was held in Melbourne, out at some place called Flemington, and was won by a nag named Archer.

Oz Place Name origin -
Ballan in Victoria was named by Robert von Steiglitz (who was squatting on it at the time) to remind him of the place he was pupped in Ireland.

Ballarat (or Ballaarat to be precise) in Victoria used to be known as Yuille's Swamp but that really put the tourists off, so they lounged around, thought a bit and then borrowed an Aboriginal word meaning "resting on one's elbow".

1873 The North Australian made its grand debut in the media world, the first newspaper for the Northern Territory.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Hosing down = bucketing down, raining heavily.

1876 That Melbourne Race, with a Cup but lacking a saucer, was shifted to the first Tuesday in November, where it has perched ever since.
Except during war-time, when sporting events were banished to a Saturday.

Scarily NZ has more punk rock bands per capita than any other country.
Come on, tell's the weather, isn't it...?

1896 A chappie by the name of Macmahon wowed the public when he flashed 'em the first moving pictures on Edisons's Cinematograph in High Street, Christchurch.

A bricklayer named Chisel Ireland could carry 50 bricks in a hod from the stack up a ladder.
When he was challeneg by another Sydney brickie, Chisel threw an extra 50 bricks on his hod, plonked the challenger on top and carried the very full load for over 20 feet.

1917 Little Billy Hughes didn't take defeat lying down and proved it by announcing that another referendum on conscription was going to be held.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
When trying out new recipes always ensure your baking powder is NOT out of date and, therefore, bloody useless for making cakes rise!

1940 The British steamer Cambridge hit a German mine off Wilsons Prom (Victoria) and sank, thus closing Bass Strait for shipping.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Belts and budgets are tight this year so make inexpensive pressies in the way of Christmas cards and/or momentos by copying family snapshots,kids messages/drawings (or anything that takes your fancy) in hand-made cards.

1970 The Hippies were triumphant when John Glasgow and Peter Gough (both from Christchurch) conquered the 2,000 metre face of Aoraki/Mt Cook.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints -
Children's colouring books are great sources for simple pictures for scrapbooking ideas/themes.
(They also help you colour inside the lines).

1974 Lord Lucan "allegedly" did a 'Lord Lucan' (a bunk), after "allegedly" mistaking his children's Nanny for his estranged wife. Lucan "allegedly" has been sighted in many countries, in many disguises, possibly swimming with missing Aussie PM Harold Holt, possibly swapping yarns with missing union organiser Jimmy Hoffa.


  1. Laughing at the punk band comment, I can't stand the music lol, maybe I am an exception to the rule in NZ. Have fun scrapping and baking and watching blackbirds. To be honest I have not bought Christmas cards in about 7 years, I make them lol ( I prefer to think I am creative as opposed to being to cheap to make them) lol. As for colouring books I have one for when I am sick, just something soothing about colouring in lol

  2. (They also help you colour inside the lines).

    That's no fun at all at all at all.

  3. "Kiwi Slanguage-
    Hosing down = bucketing down, raining heavily."

    We have a similar expression that describes the typical British summer downpors...but I won't repeat it here for obvious reasons.

  4. LOL Janine, you've been a baaaad influence :P

    LOL Elizabeth. Oh, alright, you can scribble outside the lines ;)

    Persistently precipitating, Brian?

  5. Hi! Have you ever tried baking the old Christmas Puddings, they're great for putting down baby blackbird gullets, especially when they're crammed full of old currency!

    Take Care,

  6. When I first heard the name "Ballarat" I had visions of people spin bowling rodents.

    Now we have rodents that used to spin bowl (and txt a lot as well)

    What the hell did I just say. Heh, I'll leave it. Jayne is good at deciphering my ramblings.

    *falls over*

  7. Peter, the way my baking is turning out at the moment you'd probably be able to use my Christmas Pudds to spin bowl Anja's rodents :P

    Plaster of Paris in icing sugar is a marvellous thing, Anja ;)

  8. I could see mistaking a nanny for an estranged wife. It could happen.

  9. Oh and raining heavily here is described as, 'raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.'

  10. I've heard that mistake happening often, Evyl, especially when it comes to bedtime :P
    LOL Love it!