Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trivial History November 8

There's a HUGE stack of stuffs to keep you out of mischief for, oh, about 3 minutes.
I'll be off with the scrapbooking thingies again...there's such fun to be had wielding a scalpel on widdle bunnies, roses and kitties and the rest ofJulie Andrews' favourite things.

1826 Privates Joseph Sudds and Patrick Thompson were silly duffers; they openly committed a robbery on this day to get convicted as they reckoned a convict's life was far easier and better than that of a soldier.
They soon changed their minds when Guv Darling ordered that they serve 7 years hard labour in leg irons.

Some uprising happened somewhere.

1907 Justice Higgins declared that H. V. McKay wasn't paying an adequate wage to his workers in the Sunshine Harvester factory and so set down the very first basic minimum wage for a bloke with a wife and 3 billy lids as £2 2shillings for a 6 day working week.

Some poor bugger got kicked to the kerb for something he didn't do.

1917 South Oz had a great number of German place names which were changed by an Act of Parliament on this day.

Some prat thought it was a good idea to keep pulling the bosses leg.

1918 Rumours swept Christchurch, resulting in huge crowds milling about the streets in the false hope of WW1 armistice.

Some bastard with a toothbrush mo got hungry for power.

1930 Phar Lap, the racehorse, received a telegram from happy punters which stated,
"If you could only stand on your hind legs and talk, we'd make you the PM of Australia."
*Sentiments haven't changed over the years.

People were thinner than the current catwalk super models could ever dream to be.

1934 A grasshopper plague gobbled up 20 tons of grain in a short 2 hour period at Mildura.

Milk, bread and good manners were home delievered for free, every day.

1939 55 acres near the Wellington airport, in NZ, played host to the Centennial Exhibition that ran from November 8, 1939 until May 4, 1940, with more than 2.5 million people visiting.

The world had gone mad.

1940 The US steamer ship City of Rayville hit a German mine off Cape Otway and sank.

Even more madder.

1944 G for George, the famous Lancaster Bomber graced the tarmac of Amberley Airfield, Brisbane. George may now be gazed upon in loving adoration at the War Memorial in Canberra.

Passed "insane" and heading for "rabid and contagious, shoot to kill".

1956 The last trolley bus ran its route in Christchurch.

Some breathing space amongst the Cold War paranoia.

1983 The Canterbury Centre was officially opened, with only the spire of the Cathedral towering above it.


  1. "...there's such fun to be had wielding a scalpel on widdle bunnies, roses and kitties and the rest of Julie Andrews' favourite things."

    You could use one to cut the top off 'warm woollen mittens' and turn them into poloneck sweaters for chuckie eggs.

  2. I have to admit your scaring me with all this talk of a even I dont use one of those :-P

  3. Jayne,

    Chuckie eggs don't have toes.

  4. I knew there was a reason I didn't scrapbook... I am not to be trusted with a scalpel.

  5. No, that's why the socks are toe-less, Brian :P

    I'm not really that trustworthy with one, either, Kelley, hence chuckie eggs not having toes !