Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trivial History November 9

 Feral Beast and I shall be caurousing behind the scenes at the Melbourne Museum today, getting a guide on how they maintain the creepy crawlies all prettied up and on show in the exhibits every day.
We may or may not be dining there, depending on how detailed the tour is!

1794 The stores ship Resolution merrily sailed from Port Jackson with 14 escaping convicts hidden below decks.

1796 The very first beer brewed in the new colony was bottled on this day, by the chap who's blood was worth bottling John Boston.

1835 A Barque (that's a type of boat) popped into what was to be called in the future Hobson's Bay with cattle, sheep and some bloke called John Batman on board.

1876 That wonderful invention to get around rocks and stumps - The Stump Jump Plough- was shown off at the Moonta Agricultural Show in South Oz.

1888 Tamworth had the pleasure of being the first town in Oz (and the Southern Hemisphere) to be lit by electricity.

1890 Them up in Sydney began running experimental electrical trams between Bondi Junction and Waverley.

1912 Daisy Bates, having pitched her tent some years earlier, became the honorary Protector of Aborigines at Eucla in South Oz.

1920 New Zealand introduced its White New Zealand Policy.

1933 Lyttelton was represented by Mrs McCombs, who became the first female MP in NZ.

1942 US Serviceman Edward Leonski, aka The Brown Out Strangler, was executed in Pentridge Gaol for the murders of 3 women he committed during brown outs in May that year.

1956 The Olympic Torch began trotting it's little heart out from Cairns to Melbourne for a sporting get-together.

2004 The Eureka Tower in Melbourne became the tallest building in Oz.


  1. "...getting a guide on how they maintain the creepy crawlies all prettied up and on show in the exhibits every day."

    We don't bother maintaining the creepy crawlies in our museum. We just don't dust the exhibits very often...the creepy crawlies take care of themselves.

  2. The Tamworth thing intrigues me. I wonder why they were first. I would have imagined it being a place like Sydney or Melbourne--one of the big cities.

    There was something else I wanted to comment on, but I forgot.

    Oh! Yeah. I bought a book about Daisy Bates. I haven't read it yet though.

    Have fun on the museum tour!

  3. Snap the girls and I are also planning a trip to the museum today.

    Not behind the scenes though. Just a good play in the childrens museum.

    Plus a jolly fun train ride there and home again.

  4. Do they still have the free 'Age'?

  5. so how was the behind scenes tour?

  6. There were several with 8 legs that were taking care of themselves at the Melb Museum, too, Brian!

    Hope you enjoy the book, Dina, and thanks, we did :)

    Hope you had as much fun as we did, Marita :)

    Didn't see any, Reuben, but then I was looking at the cage, instead of the Age :P

    Fan-bloody-tastic, Janine :)

  7. Tamworth might have been the first, but my Dad reckons his home town was the last. We always heard how he studied for his HSC by hurricane lamp.
    (thinking about it - it is possible - take a look at his home town!)