Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 the year that was...or will be...or maybe...perhaps?

Here it is, thrown together in a few hours minutes with limited sources.
Feel free to copy and plaster your bedroom walls with it as a warning to TRY HARDER in 2009!
And feel free to let me know if I've missed anyone, anything or any tidbit of minor passing interest that will fill in at least another 2.3 seconds of dunny time.

4th Herbert John Walker former Kiwi politician.
5th Clinton Grybas, Aussie sports commentator.
8th David Grove, Kiwi developer of Clean Language.
9th Tim Willoughby Oz Olympic rowing medallist.
10th George Laking, Kiwi diplomat.
11th The first passenger plane landed in the Aussie Antarctic Territory.
11th Sir Edmund Hillary who needs no introduction.
11th Nancy Phelan, great Aussie author.
16th Hone Tuwhare, Maori poet.
17th Trevor Drayton, Aussie winemaker.
22nd Far too young actor Heath Ledger.
22nd State Funeral for Sir Edmund Hillary.
23rd Final edition of The Bulletin was published.

7th Ray Martin quit Channel 9 after 30 yrs.
8th Rudie Sypkes, founder of Tassie retail chain Chickenfeed.
8th Channel deepening begins in Port Phillip Bay.
8th ABC officially changed its shoes to become ABC1

12th Ron Chippendale, Kiwi air crash investigator.
12th The Supreme Court of Victoria saved the viewing public of Victoria from the load of rubbish drama Underbelly with an injunction.
13th Smokey Dawson, Oz country music singer-songwriter.
13th Ruddster says Sorry to the Stolen Generation.
19th Barry Barclay, Kiwi film-maker.
22nd Parliament generally runs amok like a bunch of schoolkids on red cordial.
24th Alan Dargin Didgeridoo player from NSW.
25th Ashley Cooper, Aussie V8 Supercar driver.
28th Val Plumwood, Aussie ecologist and feminist.

3rd Norm O'Neill, former Oz cricketer.
4th Robert Bruning, Aussie actor.
12th Adelaide cops a record for ten days straight of more than 35 degree Celcius.
13th Tessa Birnie, Kiwi concert pianist.
14th Clyde Cameron, former Oz politician.
14th The Relationships Act 2008 passed through the Victorian Parliament which allows registered same sex partnerships.
16th Bill Brown, former Aussie cricket captain.
16th South Oz has its 14th day of heatwave temps.
16th The wreck of HMAS Sydney was found.
21st Merv Wallace, former Kiwi cricket captain.
30th Daylight Savings was extended by a week and the cows were even more confused.

3rd Kate Ritchie was finally able to drag herself away from Summer Bay after 20 years (you get less for murder these days...)
5th Michael White, Aussie inventer of Narrative Therapy.
6th Tony Davies, former All Blacks player.
7th Sir Frank Little, former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne.
8th John Button, former Aussie politician.
9th Lloyd Lamble, Aussie actor.
10th Kim Santow, former NSW Supreme Court judge.
12th Augusta Wallace, former Kiwidistrict judge.
15th Mahinarangi Tocker, Kiwi musician.
18th Swimmer Nick D'Arcy lost his starting block at the Beijing Olympics over that incident with another swimmer.
19th Aussie 2020 Summit began in Canberra - who remembers and who really cares?!
20th Geoff Polites, Oz CEO Jaguar Land Rover.
28th Max Cherry Oz Olympic and Commonwealth Games coach.
30th Dozens of taxis blocked the heart of Melbourne when drivers protested for greater safety following the stabbing of a driver the day before.

3rd Fay Gale, Aussie cultural geographer.
4th Colin Murdoch, Kiwi who invented the disposable hypodermic syringe and tranquilizer gun.
9th Jack Gibson, Aussie rugby league coach picked as "coach of the century".
10th Jessica Jacobs, actress and singer.
11th The Australian Capital Territory legalised civil partnerships.
22nd Charlie Booth, (aged 104), Aussie athlete, inventer of the starting block
26th Premier of Tassie Paul Lennon resigned. You may stop partying now!

5th New flag design for the Kiwi Governor-General was flown at Govt House in Auckland.
5th Bruce Purchase, Kiwi-born Brit actor.
5th Colin Kay, former Mayor of Auckland.
8th Iguana-gate happened. Read it and weep (with laughter).
10th David Brierly, Brit actor and voice of K9.
24th Charles Dempsey, former Kiwi footy official.
30th Frances Bult, Olympic swimmer.

1st No Aussie Democrats in the senate for the first time in 31 years. No one left to keep the bastards honest. 
1st Kiwi rail transport network became KiwiRail.

6th George Tibbits, Aussie architect and composer.
7th Yitzchok Dovid Groner, Aussie Chabad rabbi.
12th Olive Riley,(aged 108) Aussie who was the world's oldest blogger.
13th Peter Durack, fomer Aussie politician.
13th Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Oz for World Youth Day 2008.
15th - 20th World Youth Day ran amok in Sydney.
16th Lindsay Thompson, former Premier of Victoria.
17th Sir Graham Speight,former Kiwi High Court Judge and Chief Justice of the Cook Islands.
18th Peter Walsh AFL footballer.
25th Jeff Fehring, Oz footballer
26th Qld divisions of the National and Liberal Parties merged to created Frankenstein the Liberal National Party.
26th Peter Cundall appeared for the very last final time as host of Gardening Australia. 
31st The ACT will be the first to provide same-sex parents parental leave. 

5th Reg Lindsay, Oz country singer-songwriter.
5th Google Street View uploaded Aussie streets.
9th Bob cunis, former Kiwi cricketer.
12th Christie Allen, pop singer.
16th Dunedin Public Hospital was put into lockdown for a week due to a nasty outbreak of the norovirus.
16th Portia de Rossi married Ellen Degeneres.
25th Hardwicke Knight, Kiwi historian.
27th Mark Priestley, actor.

1st Michael Pate, Oz actor-writer.
1st Kevin Heinze, Aussie TV gardening host.
4th Colin Edgar former Oz cricket umpire.
5th Quentin Bryce was doin' it for the sistahood when she was sworn in as the first chicky-babe Governor-General.
13th Duncan Laing, Kiwi swimming coach.
16th Malcolm Turnball became Leader of the Opposition when Brendon Nelson looked into a mirror.
25th Brian Donnelly, Kiwi diplomat and pollie.

2nd Rob Guest, Brit-born Kiwi actor.
10th Leo Rosner, Polish-born Aussie musician who survived the Holocaust by being on Schindler's List.
10th Ruddster got a phone call from Dubbya so they played charades for the next 40 mins on the phone.
11th Scarlett,an American stray cat who lent her name to the Scarlett Award for Animal Heroism.
12th Adam Watene, Cook Island rugby league player.
14th Dame Daphne Purves, Kiwi educator.
15th Des Townson, Kiwi yacht designer.

7th Hedley Howorth, Kiwi cricketer.
8th NZ National Party won the general election.
15th Ivan Southall, brilliant Aussie kids author.
19th John Key was sworn at in as the new Kiwi PM
26th Australia (the movie) made its debut *gag*
27th Mike Minogue, Kiwi pollie.
27th Paul Hibbert, former Oz cricketer.
29th Robert Wade, Kiwi-born Brit chess champ.

2nd Frank Crean, former Aussie pollie.
6th Richard Marsland, Oz comedy writer, actor and radio host.
8th Kerry McCann, far too young Aussie athlete.
10th Dorothy Porter, Aussie poet.
13th Kathy Staff, Brit actress aka Nora Batty in Last of The Summer Wine.
13th John Drake, Kiwi rugby union player.
15th Ruddster makes his 5% emissions cut speech which was accompanied by much laughter from those with more than 2% brain cells.
24th Ian Ballinger, Olympic medallist sports shooter.
24th A little bit of Oz matured when an openly gay couple, Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea, sang a fab duet together at Carols by Candlelight.
29th WEG, talented Aussie cartoonist.


  1. I didn't realise K9 was dead. Probably died of embarassment, I suspect.

  2. Far too much happened this year. The only date of note that I can remember is Nov 7th, my FIL passed away.

  3. It's getting close. Let's kick this year to the kerb and bring on the new one.

    Um... Jayne, I will be needing a favour. As I will be working on NYE, would it be too much of an ask if you drank your own body weight in alcohol for me?

  4. K9 has been de-barked :P

    There was a hell of a lot going on, Marita.

    Darls, I don't drink but I will gargle my body weight in Sarsparilla for you, Anja ;)

  5. I will make the sacrifice and drink Anja's body weight for her. Coz I am such a good friend.

    Happy New Year my love.

  6. What a wonderful gal you are, WS!
    Ta for volunteering for that dangerous mission and Happy 2009 !

  7. Did you get Andrew Harwood, tv quiz master and son of Ena? Check out http://blog.televisionau.com/ for a quick list.

  8. I saw a very short list a few days ago but TVAndrew has growed it much more.
    I knew Harwood's face but couldn't place him till now, ta :)

  9. Thanks Colin, just what I need; an extra second to dig the hole in the vegie patch just that weeeee bit deeper... ;)