Monday, December 29, 2008

С днем рождения Anja

С днем рождения Anja, я надеюсь что вы имеет большое сказовое время вы заслуживаете и ваш день заполнен с всем вы желаете для! Насладитесь несколько из Rammstein против песен с русским хихикая соком ЗДЕСЬ, ЗДЕСЬ и ЗДЕСЬ.
И, нет, вы не можете снять меня для one*snigger* девушки Barbie
Вы для быть фантастично вы *wink*


  1. "Happy birthday Anja, I hope that you has big сказовое time you deserve also your day is filled with all of you wish for! Take pleasure a little from Rammstein against songs with Russian giggling juice HERE, HERE here again.
    And, no, you cannot remove me for one*snigger* girl Barbie
    You for to be fantastic you."

    I think my Russian needs a bit of work...

  2. Hvala vam toliko.

    I can't do Russian, so I thought I would do another crazy assed Slavic language.

    Thanks Jayne. Although, I shall neuter the norti beastie who let the cat out of the bag about today. *giggles*

  3. Since I don't speak Russian, I will only say Feliz Cumpleanos, Anja.

  4. Take with a liberal dose of vodka, 4 times per day, Brian :P

    No problem and it was yourself earlier this month, Anja you goose!

  5. I think Bryan uses the same language translator as I do.

  6. I am so impressed with you Jayne !!!!

    Happy birthday to our dear Anja !!!!

  7. I know your eyes aren't perfect Jayne, so I will just point out that you may need to reset your computer language.

  8. Douglas Adams was good for a lot of things, TDWD ;)

    LOL Ta WS but you shouldn't be, I cheated ;)

    Damn! Do you mean I'm not raining curses down upon Connex, Kosky and Brumby in Swahili, Andrew ?

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