Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just to tease Kelley

Yep, she of the Festive Fetish is hiding Santa's sack of goodies right under the noses of her older offspring coz we all know teens aren't endowed with enough energy to satisfy their curiosity like back in our younger days....
Anyways the Footwear Fetier got all gooey over a pic of a Baby Crissy doll so I thought I'd poke her with a pic of my Crissy and Velvet dolls....
You know the drill, click on the image for a bigger pic.
No, they didn't come armed with chocolatey goodness but I had to torment Her of the Hooker Heels just that wee bit more.
Yes, those are their original dresses (knickers included) and, yes, the nudist on the end does look like she's possessed (we're expecting the pea soup any minute now), no, they're not from my childhood as I was deprived of having either a Velvet or a Crissy doll but I've filled that yawning hole with these little beauties from op shops and flea markets for the princely sums of $2, $2.50 and $5.
No, they are NOT for sale, they are my Preciousssssssssssss.
Plus the possessed nudist stands guard against possum attacks on the rose bushes - she can scare the bejebus outta the potential roadkill at 30 paces....

Meant to mention that the hair growth is easily fixed should any little fingers pull it out, don't bother with any doll hospital.
Whip off one leg and with a long crochet hook re-thread the string, that's attached to the hair, through the winding mechanism.


  1. I always wanted a baby alive.....I never got one so just had my own baby at 19....Mum shouldve thought harder about THAT decision - haw haw (kidding!!!)!!


  2. The nekkid one looks like she has taken a mood altering substance and is ready to party.


    You know I still have Baby Alive (the original not that feral plastic one they are palming off now) and Dancerella.

    Need to find them.

  4. As you should be, Dina ;)

    LOL, G !

    I'll send her round to your place then, Andrew :P

    Velvet or Cate Blanchett running amok in Lord of The Rings - who can tell the difference, Evyl!

    3 real babies filling nappies weren't enough for you, Kelley, that you had to keep the doll,too?!

    Yes, Marita.
    Yes, I am ;)

  5. My dear wenches gave me a doll for Yule. So not funny.

  6. So that's what the Spice Girls are up nowadays.

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  8. Hi! Dolls, I remember very well how I used to pull their heads off and sit them up in the sandpit for my sister to find. Really frecked her out!

    Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Take Care,

  9. Anja,I bet you do to dolls what Feral Queen used to do to them ...string them up, paint them with blood red nail polish and stick pins in them ;)

    Nah, the ones on the bottom shelf in the cheap bargain bin wearing paper bags are them, Brian :P

    LOL, You and every other naughty brother, Peter :P
    Merry Festive thingies back at ya :)

  10. Oh my god! I completely forgot (until I saw your picture) that one Christmas I got a Velvet doll and my little sister got a Chrissie. I was just growing out of doills at that stage so my sister took over both. I think my mother still has them both at her place. (I know she has my Giggles doll.)

  11. See? I'm good for jogging memories if nothing else, Kim, lol.