Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sinful Trivial History December 27

Having spent the whole of Boxing Day in my jim-jams and dressing gown - I could claim this a studious exploration of the slothful sin...or in normal parlance,being damn lazy - I'm going to see how much of the chocolatey goodness I can shovel down my snout in the study of the greedy sin today.
But if I come across Gwenyth Paltrow's head in a box at any stage, I'll just quietly start studying the CSIRO Diet with a vengeance.

Kiwi Slanguage-
Nick away = to sneak away.

Tis the Feast of Marimba in South Africa to celebrate the Goddess of Musical Happiness.

Oz Place Name Origin-
Balonne River in Qld was tripped over by explorer Major Mitchell in 1846 and there are 3 possible Aboriginal meanings of the name; either, 'pelican', 'axe' or 'river'. All of which was in the area when Mitchell asked the name of the trickle of water.

Balwyn in Victoria was a made up name by a smarty-pants called Andrew Murray (which wasn't a made up name...or it may have been) who made up the name for his home.
Show off.

Banana in Qld was not named after the local vicar .....oh, you haven't heard that dirty story?....but after a bullock, named Banana, who carked it and lent its name to the gully where it was buried.

 On the 2nd day of Christmas my Truelove (John Simm, Paul McDermott, Nathaniel Parker, Burt Lancaster, Clarke Gable,a pulse is optional these days) gave to me-
Jennifer Aniston forever gagged and Angelina permanently stuck up a gum tree....

Kiwi Place Name Origin -
Dunedin, in the South Island, is from the Scottish Gaelic word for Edinburgh.

1803 William Buckley did a runner and buggered off from the short-lived Sullivan Cove settlement in Victoria, with the Aborigines putting Billy-boy up for the next 32 years.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Take a brace of hares, 6 kgs of bacon fat, 3 cabbages, a couple of handfuls of sugar.
Toss, firmly, into the rubbish bin....and get some fish and greasy's.

1944 Dr Robert James Brown was pupped , the first openly gay Aussie Member of Parliament who came out in a newspaper interview in 1972.

Did you know...
Kiwi Fruit is so named as its fuzzy skin looks like the flightless Kiwi bird and is very delicious.
The Kiwi fruit, that is, not the Kiwi bird.....although emu is quite yummy so I can only assume other animal emblems of state would be equally at home on the dinner plate....

1987 The Kiwi who embraced China and helped with the revolution, Rewi Alley, passed away aged 90 in China.

Aussie Slanguage -
A bit more choke and you could have started = a remark passed about a person who lets rip with a loud fart in public.


  1. "Kiwi Fruit is so named as its fuzzy skin looks like the flightless Kiwi bird."

    I won't ask about the stalk.

  2. Ha Ha Grandmas recipe. A classic.

    Seems like you have had a restfull few days and still find time to entertain the internet idle.

    Merry ho ho ho to you and your tribe (and the vegetables).

  3. The twiggy beak, Brian, what else...? :P

    Thanks, Colin, hope you and yours had a fun-filled time, too :)

  4. I'm going to see how much of the chocolatey goodness I can shovel down my snout in the study of the greedy sin today.

    I tried doing that once...and once only. My nose was blocked for a week.

  5. Merry Christmas to you Jayne - enjoy the choccies, New Years Resolutions are stalking by only 5 days away.

  6. Sloth and greed are a couple of good sins for starters.

  7. Was it the cure for the common cold, though, Reuben?:P

    So I've only 5 days to play piglet and rot my teeth with sugary goodness, Jeanie? lol

    They're good for dipping ones toe into the silky depths of sin, Evyl lol ;)