Friday, December 12, 2008

Stuff and nonsense

I need a gazillion pressies and food stuffs but do I need to walk to the shops in the drizzly rain?
It's not cold, nor am I made of sugar so, ergo, I shant melt.
But I've just got comfy on my backside .....

Shakespeare went to school from brekkie time until 5.30pm.
I say bring back those hours. At least the kids would have a chance to actually absorb some of the subjects that are skimmed over in a race to cram everything - and the kitchen sink - into kids' heads.
Then if the kids still fail they can flog the kitchen sink for scrap metal; the prices are monstrous right now...and they'd at least have the deposit for their first home.

Just been reading through the National Curriculum Board - the big noise Ruddster and Jolly Julia are making about doing over the ed-ya-kay-shun system.
Only problem with increasing the kids' knowledge is the fact that the teachers will be playing catch-up for a few years just to stay about 2 steps ahead.
I'm not anti-teachers or mainstream schooling as such; I'm anti lazy arsed teachers who can't spell, can't add, have not the foggiest of which spoon to use when explaining grammar, can't organise their own class projects and so swipe ideas from off secondary school sites and expect grade 5 kids to complete year 9 essays.
Oh, and the teacher who nicked a couple of my history posts and presented them to his class - WORD FOR WORD - you win the title of Fuck-Knuckle Knob-Jockey of The Year.....only because you forgot to delete my swearing, you tool!
Thanks for the gut-busting belly laugh you gave me via a good friend who's son you teach.
Poor old Baz-baby and his soap opera got iggied for a Golden Globe.
C'mon, all together now....awwwwwwwwwwww.
There's children dying in Mugabe's armpit of a country, bastards are trying to get their 72 virgins by murdering anyone they can and there's a small thing called a depression recession on the loose...but, no, that bloody awful flick with the  size 8 frozen chicken is "news". 
As is the fact she flosses with g-strings, apparently.
Who knew?!
Who cared?!


  1. It's a bit wet...but I walked all the way to Northcote from where I live near Preston to procure some trousers. And thank god it's not too hot!

  2. Bahahahaha at the knobjockey teacher. Hope the kids enjoyed the potty mouth. *sniggers*

    Aww, did "crikey on overload" Awwwstraylya get overlooked? Happy am I. :)

  3. " win the title of Fuck-Knuckle Knob-Jockey of The Year."

    I'm impressed. That's a very coveted title. At least I assume it is judging by the number of people currently vying for it.

  4. My girls and I walked to the shops, then to PreSchool, then home again and then back to the shops and home again today.

    I love walking in the rain when it is not too cold :) Splashing in the puddles is the bestest fun bit.

    ROFL at the teacher who knicked your stuff. That is some bad teachering right there.

  5. At least you were able to be clothed from the waist down on your return trip, Reuben :P

    The kids had a giggle or 3 before it was picked up ;)

    Yep, Brian, so many world leaders have nominated themselves you'd think they had nothing better to do.

    I love splashing through the rain usually, Marita, but I was in a lazy mood lol.

  6. No rain here - steamy (and work muck) stuck me to the chair.

    I had to click - so you don't like "our Nicole"?


  7. No nudity in Northcote, Jayne.

  8. Someone has been stealing City of Port Phillip rubbish bins to sell as scrap metal. Gee, the price must be high to worth the bother.

  9. I've seen the movie "Mars Attacks!", Jeanie, and her disguise doesn't fool me for a second :P

    Thank the good lord of tailors and boxer shorts, Reuben ;)

    Damn, Andrew; thought your sentence was going to end with "someone has been stealing City of Port Phillip developers and their rubbish plans".
    We can live in hope...;)

  10. That someone stole your stuff word-for-word is BRILLIANCE. I love that that happened, lol. It's like that time I had a group assignment to do at university, TEN people to write a 10,000 word report. 1,000 words each - so one guy figured he could get away with COPY AND PASTING WORD FOR WORD FROM WIKIPEDIA. As if a) I wouldn't read it, and b) wouldn't notice the hyperlinks.