Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tales from behind the mic...Mirandaaaaaa

Andrew just reminded me of the long running joke we had on our radio show, which involved the vanished Miranda of Picnic at Hanging Rock infamy. Remember the shrieked "Mirandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"?

Miranda was frequently sighted in various places through our years on air; jogging through the Burnley Tunnel, swimming at Docklands, swinging from the chandelier in the Crown Casino (how much did Kerry Packer pay her for that gig, I wonder?!).
Anyone and everyone called, emailed or sent sms's of stumbling over her in the most unlikely spots -a lovely chap in the Netherlands rang us one night and claimed she was sitting in his local museum, Christmas Eve found her in the Royal Melbourne psych ward visiting Sectioned Santa - she was all over the world worse than a bad case of the Clap.

One evening found Miranda granting a rare interview on air from the billabong she was sharing with Skippy (sounding oddly like someone splashing in a hand-basin. *ahem* although this was vigorously denied) in which she discussed The Secret of Hanging Rock and how Ossie Ostrich had given her the blue prints to the Star Ship Enterprize.... (we thought Miranda had been sniffing the wrong kind of bottlebrush flowers that evening as Skippy had to interpret for human listeners).

We had Harold Holt wining and dining her on top of Ayer's Rock, she'd teamed up with the crocs to chase the semi-tamed Irwins through the bush and she was teaching pan flutes to children of celebrities in Hollywood.
Dear Miranda, how I wonder what she's up to now....


  1. Rumour has it that she's the checkout chick from aisle 4 at the Marrickville Metro.

  2. I know where she is. She's now a rather old and wrinkled novelty lapdancer in a Blackpool nightclub calling herself Betty...still sans socks.

  3. Nonsense Anja. A friend in Sydney said she was now working at Moore Park Supa Centre. Just trolley collection mind but she does stand out with her full skirts.

    Brian, you are thinking of Dusty. Her death was exaggerated.

  4. The one with the vague-as-a-violet expression, Anja?
    (ever had an intelligent conversation with a violet?)

    But hopefully with her own paperbag, Brian :P

    Waiting in vain to come back into fashion with those full skirts, Andrew lol.

  5. "Brian, you are thinking of Dusty."

    Dusty Springfield, Andrew? I was wondering what she was up to nowadays...

  6. She's getting into character and becoming more dusty, Brian :P