Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trivial History December 11 & The Toilet Tree

 This is my excuse for being MIA the past few days...The Spouse's Toilet Tree.
He was inspired by the Festive Fetish gal with her Bathroom Tree, except The Spouse thought all the males needed to gaze upon the Toilet Tree when Number 1's were in demand....a sort of primitive out-door urge to replace tying tinsel to their balls.
Well, at some stage of Tuesday Gastro came to visit and left me gazing upon the Tree about a gazillion times, even when the festive 'Ho,Ho,Ho' was more 'flow,groan and flush'.
Thanks to the Mistress for her phone call to make sure I hadn't shoved myself down the S bend!
*Yes, we do need to warn people not to swim in our dunny....the fresh water crocs need the extra room to sprawl on their lilos.

 1823 The oh-so-pretty-can-I-have-it-slipped-into-my-stocking-please-Santa Richmond Bridge in Tassie was opened and is the oldest bridge in the Land of Oz still in use.

1834 Aboriginal trackers were used for the first time (officially) to find a boy lost in the bush land near Fremantle.

1841 Finding something to rabbit on about the first mainland country newspaper was published at Maitland, the Hunter River Gazette.

1841 Caroline Chisholm slapped up a Female Immigrants Home in Sydney.

1907 Fire swept through the NZ Parliament Buildings in Wellington.

1929 The Edmonds Band Rotunda, in Christchurch, was opened with a blast on a trumpet or 3.


  1. I had a weird feeling that something was missing in my life. Now I know.

  2. I'm sure traditional toilet paper would be softer.

  3. Oh, that gastro sucks. Much sympathy from me, because I've had it twice so I remember just how badly it sucks. And yes, I did wonder where you were but figured you were probably overwhelmed with christmasy stuff. Whoops. MWAH. Hope you're all better now.

  4. So you were dropping Jingle Bombs of your own into the dunny?

  5. I would think that an air freshener shaped like a pine tree would make for a good toilet tree.

  6. You will all laugh at me about this confession but I remember when I was young and innocent (20 years old) and I went to OZ for the first time (Melbourne from memory) anyway everytime I went to the toilet I would look in the bowl first because I was convinced that a spider or snake would bite me on the bum. So I laughed out loud at your croc comment.....

  7. A Toilet Tree can substitute for so many woodchips, Andrew :P

    But not as soft as the rough end of a pineapple, Brian ;)

    Much better, thanks Nomes :)

    LMAO Marita, love me that Achmed on B's blog ;)

    Until the 2nd visit from The Spouse, Evyl, then it would be rendered impotent :P

    LOL, Janine!

  8. Angel gurl, that seems a sensible idea to me! But then, I grew up in the country (not THAT long ago) with an outside dunny, checking for crawlies was a good survival tip! I still shake out my shoes before putting them on.

  9. What is it with Teh Aussies and teh dunnies?

  10. Hope you are feeling better.

    People we know lived next door to the Richmond bridge in Tassie ...not sure if they still do but we camped next door to it years ago - very impressive for it's age and era.

    Love your sign...

  11. If I had a toilet tree the dogs would piss on it. They drink out of the toilet so it would be the next stop.

  12. You shake your shoes out and yet you've never had to battle the crawlies in this joint, Nomes! You'd be right at home LOL.

    Teh Aussies lurve teh dunnies, teh Reuben Geebus, but we lurve our longdrops and thunderboxes even more :P

    Thanks, Trish.
    It's a beautiful bridge!

    It's very, very sad, Mistress lol.

    Tried to get mine to bury the damn thing, Anja, but they don't have enough bad taste to put the damn thing near their mouths ;)

  13. Sweet.

    I am gunna have to market that shit.

    Shit. Get it?

    Shutup. I am drunk.

  14. I am soooooooooooooo not gonna wave a naked flame near you tomorrow, Kel!