Friday, December 12, 2008

Trivial History December 12

Only 13 days to go.
Jocks, socks, soap on a rope, hankies, the obligatory silly slogan t-shirt, the 700ml bottle of single malt scotch....that's the stocking fillers taken care of, now how about the real pressies?!

Blood thirsty little Icelandic trolls start popping up, one every night, until December 25, gobbling up naughty boys and girls.
Well...they used to until they got turned PC by the fun police and now only leave a spud in the footwear of brats. Hmph.

1769 Frenchman Jean Francois Marie de Surville was eyeballing The Shaky Isles when Jimmy Cook popped around the northern tip of the North Island.

1849 The future Canterbury settlement came into being when some clever chaps in the New Zealand Company thought putting aside their spare 2.5 million acres was a spiffing idea.

1884 Victoria was not quite in an Octopus' Garden but its Parliament gave it the next best thing when the 'ayes' had it and approved the Railway Construction Act which quickly came to be known as the Octopus Act.
"....he'd let us in, knows where we've been, In his octopus' garden, in the shade."

1895 T'was a dark day indeed when land and income tax was introduced in NSW.

1917 Billy Hughes' Commonwealth Police were born, to protect the Little Digger against those nasty-pasties who frew a wotten eggie-weggie at poor widdle Biwwy.

1928 Men! Gird your loins and brace yourselves with boardshorts, for goodness sake!
Speedos aka Budgie Smugglers were first produced.

1941 The Kiwi Home Guard were sprung into defensive action when trenches were dug in Latimer and Cranmer Squares, and Hagley Park, too.

1961 The first Golden Kiwi Lottery Draw took place; no, flightless birds were not plucked from their milk bar stools nor were innocent bystanders dragged backwards through a hedge.
They pulled a lucky number out of a barrel, derrrrrrr.

1981 A referendum was held in Tassie on the issue of that damn dam. Stupidly the govt only offered two damn choices on two dam proposals ; the Gordon-above-Franklin or the Gordon-above-Olga.
In other words pick a dam, any dam, coz the damn river is going to be damned, come hell or high water.
Or maybe not.


  1. You mean single malt scotch isn't a main present?? Don't tell my hubby that. ( actually he prefers his Irish Whiskey)

    Living with adults means I just do a stocking. No major shopping headaches for me.

  2. "...that's the stocking fillers taken care of, now how about the real pressies?!"

    I haven't even started on mine yet. It's just so difficult obtaining the plutonium nowadays.

  3. we decided this year to hang the stockings but not fill them..... I had a wee giggle at the Icelandic trolls and the potato thingy. I really liked the idea behind it.

  4. lol those were the first words 'Salina said to me this morning "Only 13 days to go".

    Like I need to know that. Nothing has been bought. Nada.

  5. the rolls sound like much better value............... and isn't the whiskey the real present? lol

  6. Just for you it can be a main pressie, Elizabeth lol ;)

    For the big ka-boom, Brian?

    Trolls and spuds in boots works for me, too, Janine lol.

    Jeanie, buy an Icelandic Troll and he'll provide enough spuds for your dinner lol.

    Aye, Mistress B ;)

    I vote we bring them back, Anja ;)

  7. Gryla sounds like a real hoot. Loads of fun at parties.

  8. Ya reckon Santa will stuff one in your stocking this year, Evyl? lol