Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trivial History December 14

I shall be Christmas-less for a few hours (YES!!!) as Feral Beast is getting another behind-the-scenes tour at the Melbourne Museum in their collection of Qld rainforest insects.
We shall then go and eyeball the renovations they are making in the museum to create new exhibits - hopefully they're keeping the old Ballarat gold mine model on display (anyone remember that?) -and we shall romp merrily sedately through the Little Lons cottages and Coles Book Arcade displays, pay our respects to Dame Nellie Melba ; she had a lovely dress sense but her face, and vanity, was her downfall.

1827 Bold Jack Donohoe and his gang began lightening the load of carts travelling on the Sydney - Windsor Road.
The gang was caught shortly afterwards and all hanged - except for Bold Jack who, being the clever clogs of the whole outfit, took to the countryside.

1843 Animal husbandry was on display - NZ sheep were greatly admired by farmers - when the first A & P Show in Auckland opened.

1907 Canterbury was soundly beaten by Auckland at Lancaster Park in the inaugural Plunket Shield cricket match.

1927 Needing to state the bleeding obvious - again - it was announced that throughout mainland Oz drought reigned supreme.

1929 Electric trams and buses did away with the poor old choo choo between Adelaide and Glenelg.

1964 Pretty Kiwi-Aussie actress Rebecca Gibney was hatched.

1971 Stop giggling girls, the new late night shopping in NSW was serious window shopping and planning the next outfit business.

1979 Barmen were left gasping when NSW hotels were given the green light to trade on Sundays - legally this time!

1982 The Wilderness Society blockaded the proposed site for the Franklin Dam.
Determined little buggers, they kept the blockade in place till 1983...and they'd won.

1991 Mt Cook in The Shaky Isles shrunk a tad when it shed 10 metres of height in a land slide.


  1. Christmas isn't what it's cut out to be; don't get too excited.

  2. "1843 Animal husbandry was on display - NZ sheep were greatly admired by farmers - when the first A & P Show in Auckland opened."

    I believe that, after the riot, they had to drop the swimwear section in 1844.

  3. The behind the scene tours sound awesome. We did two behind the scene tours at the Sydney Aquarium. I expected a lot of people to do these, but both times it ended up being just Jack and I. We got to feed the sharks--definitely a highlight of our trip.

  4. When I was a tad younger, I thought animal husbandry was something that happened high on a hill with a lonely goat - or when the farmer says, "I'm only helping her over the fence"

  5. he old Ballarat gold mine model on display

    - that is one of our favs. We always have to stop for a good long look.

  6. That's what the elves told me last night, too, Reuben.

    The sheepkini was a nation stopper, Brian!

    I sent The Spouse in my place as he missed out on the previous behind-the-scenes tour, Dina, knowing they'll have a ball :)

    Strangely, I did too, Anja.
    But then I met my ex hubby and it all made sense in the end ;)

    Loved that model since I was your girls' age, Marita, it's a beauty :)

  7. Feral beast must be excited about another behind the scenes tour, ewww at rainforest insects. Now dumb question time can you grow silverbeet in oz? I thought it was a nz veggie ( btw I have bad childhood memories of having to eat that with cabbage) ewww. Gimme those radishes anyday....

  8. as long as he didn't bring any of the insects home with him.............

  9. He loved it, Janine, got heaps of pics to post on his blog, too.
    Yep, I think silverbeet would grow on Mars lol. Stir fry it with onions, garlic and other vegies and it's quite yummy.

    Thankfully he settled for photos and a toy on constructing a human brain from the museum shop, B, lol.

  10. Haven't been to the museum for years, but I used to love it...I could spend hours there just trawling through the place...bought back a lot of good memories this post...I may have to go there next time I'm down....

  11. You'd love it, Moe, lots of old but plenty of new on display ;)

  12. That's a high price to pay to get rid of a few wrinkles.