Monday, December 15, 2008

Trivial History December 15

Only 10 days to go and yet I'm waiting for the feeling of overwhelming panic to hit....then I know things will get done on time!

1848 A lot of big noises - known variously as Captain Thomas, Mr Fox and a matching pair of surveyors called Mr Torlesse and Mr Cass - rocked up in Lyttelton Harbour with the blessings of the Canterbury Association to pick a site, any site, for the new colony and get it ready for the hordes of newbies who had RSVP-ed for 1850 sharp-ish.

1852 - 1921  A lot of boring as batshit legal mumbo jumbo legislation was being twittered about the corridores of various parliaments throughout the Island of Oz.
I culled them to prevent you all from nodding off into your coffee.

1882 The first female union in the Land of Oz was formed when female tailoresses tossed their collective thimbles out the window and created The Victorian Tailoresses Union.

1900 HMS Royal Arthur delivered the goods when it off-loaded the first Governor-General of Oz, Earl of Hopetoun, in Sydney.
Who proceeded to commit The Hopetoun Blunder and we shall never speak of this unfortunate event in his presence again.....

1905 Gals in Queensland were cock-a-hoop when the male of the species graciously gave them the right to vote in state elections.

1944 The NZ poll tax, introduced in 1881, that imposed a £10 levy on each Chinese immigrant so as to discourage them, was finally abolished.
Oz had one similar but I have nfi if the lazy sods in power ever got around to scratching it off the books.

1945 The railway track to Picton, NZ, was finally done and dusted.


  1. funny how it just seems to sneak up on us so quickly, (xmas that is). I must admit I feel betetr prepared for it this year compared to last.

  2. "1882 The first female union in the Land of Oz was formed..."

    I'm sure there were others, it's just that they didn't get talked about in polite society until Rupert Murdoch introduced Page Three.

  3. Can you wake me up when it's over? I think hibernation is called for.

  4. There should be a law against its sneaky ways, Janine ;)

    Sam Fox wants to send you laminate this year, Brian :P

    Or a looooooooooooong bush walk, Anja!