Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trivial History December 16

 You'll be pleased to know the panic finally set in yesterday so I'm madly trying to finish 4..or is that 5?...craft pressies while organising a large-ish party for this Sunday.
And hiding pressies from The Spouse and Feral Beast.
Oh, wait...that other thing makes it 6 craft pressies I've got to finish.
And trying to find something decent for the son-in-law-to-be is near impossible, why do men have to be so awkward to buy for?!
Tidying the house? Laundry ? Vacuuming? Weeding the garden?
Praise the glue gun and pass the ammo...............

1850 The ships carrying the Canterbury Association settlers, the Charlotte Jane and Randolph, popped into Lyttelton Harbour to drop off the cargo.

1851 1st year celebrations were held in Hagley Park with much merriment amongst the horse races, sports and cricket match.

1860 Burke, Wills, Gray and King strolled off from Cooper's Creek in the general direction of  the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Will you tell them or shall I ...?

1869 Anniversary celebrations in Canterbury saw the first boneshaker bicycle race run from Latimer Square, down to the railway station and back again.

1903 After 8 years the great drought broke in most states of mainland Oz.
Which was seen as a sign from heaven when women were allowed to vote in Oz in federal elections for the first time.

1905 The All Black Original's only defeat in 35 matches on tour happened when the ref failed to plainly see Bob Deans successful try get across the line against the Welsh team.
Wales last beat the All Blacks in 1953. *ahem*.

1919 Oops, spoke too soon, with severe drought tightening its grip throughout Oz.

1922 The wonderful Smith Family welfare organisation was begun in Sydney.

1922 Major-General Sir John Gellibrand began the first Legacy Club in Hobart.

1950 100 years to the day that the Canterbury Association settlers parked their prow in Lyttelton, NZ's first international airport, Harewood Airport, was officially opened.

1990 Rachel Hunter, Kiwi model, part-time actress and Icon to Pascalle West, got herself hitched to some dodgy old rocker calling himself Rod Stewart.


  1. "You'll be pleased to know the panic finally set in yesterday..."

    Fortunately I stopped believing in Father Christmas, God and the sociological pressure of the media when I was about four. Nowadays I don't have a Christmas tree, I don't eat sprouts on Christmas Day, I don't buy presents or send cards, and I just tell carol singers to bugger off. The magic of Christmas might be lacking, but my sanity is well and truly intact.

  2. eeeeks you have a wee list of things there to get done...my list is boring stuff like cleaning etc. I must admit it helped this year writing a list of thinsg we wanetd to do for Christmas as opposed to a list of should do's. That has been my saving grace this year, I have kept my sanity and now I am easing into xmas......have fun making those pressies. BTW are feral beast and Dh feelers? (e.g. like to feel the pressie and guess what they are) lol

  3. Panic has set in at my place also. More because my mother is arriving today than because of Christmas shopping.

    Well better get on with the cleaning.

  4. What?!
    Do you mean to say the Hogfather doesn't eat sprouts with you, Brian?!

    Yep, Janine, which is why I have to hide the pressies lol.

    It'll be great for the girls to have your mum there, Marita, they'll love it :)

  5. I recently came across the Smith family thing in my research....

    Good luck with the Christmas stuff.

  6. "And hiding pressies from The Spouse and Feral Beast."

    Celtic Dingo found theirs this morning :(

  7. Jayne,

    "Do you mean to say the Hogfather doesn't eat sprouts with you, Brian?!"

    The Hogfather doesn't come to my house any more. Last year our cat bit Tusker on his hind chop and he's refused to visit since. (Ah yes...I know my Pratchett.)

  8. Thanks, Dina, and they're a great charity to donate to ;)

    That's a bugger, WS, now you'll have to climb the roof to hide them in the chimney :P

    For some odd reason I think you're very familiar with the Oh God of Hangovers more so, Brian :P

  9. only yesterday ...why you have heaps of time ... goodluck.

    or just put some 'get well' cards on your mantle and then when people come they will think you have been too sick to clean and the others too busy (or lazy) to help.

  10. The Rachel Hunter - Rod Stewart thing always had me wondering.

  11. The best place to hide presents is in plain sight.

    Trust me on that.

    Good luck with your own personal madness, I will think of you while I am rocking in the corner...

  12. LOL, thanks Trish ;)

    They were interchangable for awhile there, Evyl, but he soon galloped into The Land of Wrinkled Creepy Old Men ;)

    Thanks, Kelley, I think the madness has been snowballing since the Blixen Incident of 1986....