Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trivial History December 18

Whoever invented fabric glue, I want to kiss your feet.
I have managed to almost finish 3 craft pressies, attaching metres of beaded fringing, feather dusters and contemplate making dunny dollys.....coz I was probably high on the glue....or the fumes from the blocked pipes were wafting about again.
AND birthday pressies for the Feral Beast are wrapped and waiting for His Lordship to awaken the household at 4am to remind us of the day he was pupped.
Damn shame about the ear plugs that fell into my ears last night......

1642 Abel Tasman - Tassie to his mates - and his crew became the first Europeans to chew the fat with Maori people.... and live to tell the tale.

1805 The powers that be started giving away the plots of dirt in Tassie, including 10 acres to that tipsy Rev. Knopwood.

1865 The Chinese bushranger known as Sam Poo was stretched by the neck by a noose in Sydney.

1902 The la-de-dah title of Lord Muck Mayor was conferred on those garden variety Mayors in Sydney and Melbourne.

1912 The infamous Piltdown Man - who had more balls than some recently deposed politicians - was found all over the bleedin' shop.

1930 Perth was finally able to get on the blower to the rest of Oz when it was hooked up to Adelaide....which was already gossiping with the rest of Oz.

1952 Singer, actor and entertainer with a short memory, Frankie J. Holden was pupped.

1996 Feral Beast came quietly into the world, a tad early and on the under-nourished side but with a bit of feeding, tubes shoved in every which where and shrill nagging from his mother, he managed to bust out of the neo-natal nursery on the 28th December and start plotting to take over the fossil at a time.


  1. "Whoever invented fabric glue, I want to kiss your feet."

    That'd be Reginald Gloy, also famous for his terrible bunions.

    Happy Birthday to the Feral Beast, by the way!

  2. And the event of the day is...

    Feral Beast is one year older!!!!

    May you witness many more rotations of the Earth, Feral Beast.

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  4. Does he serve onions with his bunions, Brian?
    Thank you :)

    He plans to live till he's 120, Anja, thanks :)

    Ta, Robert.

  5. Happy Birthday to Feral Beast!!!

  6. He says "Thank you" Dina and Janine :)

  7. With a name like Sam Poo, you just had to know that he would have a shitty ending.

  8. Yep,it was a really crap bummer of a day for him, Evyl ;)

  9. Happy Birthday to the Feral Beast.

    Damn shame about the ear plugs that fell into my ears last night......

    It's a big problem these days...

  10. Happy Birthday to your Feral Beast!

    4am? Amateur.

  11. Thanks Reuben, I'll pass you the cotton wool carbon off-set alternatives ;)

    Ta, Kelley. I'll send FB up to you at 3am then :P

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Feral Beast - we were off at the museum in your honour instead of being online.