Monday, December 1, 2008

Trivial History December 2

1811 Samuel "The Flogging Parson" Marsden was on a winner when he shipped 1,800 kgs of wool to England.

1831 Major-General Sir Richard Bourke (who obvioucly liked a title or two) rocked up to Port Jackson to start his new gig as Governor.

1842 First home buyers were able to buy the first specks of dirt for sale at Gundagai.

1854 The first jockey club in NZ came into being when the Canterbury Jockey Club was pupped on this day.

1866 At Glenmark bones of NZ's extinct giant flightless bird the Moa were uncovered. Later sale of these bones helped Haast finance his dream of the Canterbury Museum.

1876 The SS Georgette ran aground near Busselton, Westralia and 16 yr old Grace Bussell, on horseback, rescued quite a number of passengers from the wild surf.

1914 The first Aussie military aircraft were sent off to war.

1917 The "temporary" war-time law of pubs closing at 6pm came into being and birthed The Six O'Clock Swill with thousands binge drinking as much grog as they could between finishing work and 6pm closing.
The "temporary" measure lasted , like Australia, for 50 years.

1953 The trial of Mr One-by-One aka Edward Windeyer began in Sydney. Wineyer forged 10 pound notes and used them, only one at a time, at various race meetings; he got 7 yrs gaol.

1960 The first new wharenui (meeting house) in a century was opened on the South Island when the Rehua Wharenui was completed.


  1. Is it wrong that when I read 'The Flogging Parson' that I had to laugh like Beavis and Butthead.

  2. shhhesh thats a mouthful to say- Major-General Sir Richard Bourke. Thats interesting as to how the Canterbury museum was funded back then.

  3. "The "temporary" war-time law of pubs closing at 6pm came into being..."

    War is Hell.

  4. The six o'clock swill, hmm. I wonder how much seven o'clock domestic violence happened in those days?

  5. No, not at all, Evyl :P

    It's the little things - or big Moas - that make all the difference, Janine ;)

    Yes, it is, The Spouse was saying just yesterday when I flung a frying pan at his head...

    Hundreds and thousands, Anja.

  6. why was he called the "flogging parson"?

    or do i not want to know? lol