Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trivial History December 20

I was 'ere
'Ere I woz,
Woz I 'ere?
I guess I woz.

I shall be madly running in the same spot for the next 24 hours, hoping to achieve absolutely nothing in preparation of the party tomorrow. The quiches, pies, tarts, cakes and thingamebobs can all bake themselves...or guests can get a quick cooking lesson if they wish to feed their faces.
They can finish their pressies, too.
Yes, next year I shall create the progressive Chrissy party where everyone takes turns at completing each others pressie in time for the start of the AFL footy season in March........

1813 See? They weren't all white racists back in the day like some history revisionists would have you believe....
A public meeting was held in Sydney to form a society to protect Pacific Island natives.

1826 Convicts sailing for the tropic climes of Norfolk Island threw a hissy fit, took control of the ship Wellington and set off for NZ....where they were nabbed by the whaling ship Sisters.

1842 The brand spanking new Melbourne Council took over from the Market Commissioners who'd been running the shotting match till then....but strangely there was no demand that Swanston Street be turned over to penny-farthing bone-shaker dare-devil racers.

1877 When you want something done fast, get a Kiwi on the job!
70 kms of broad gauge railway, from Canterbury to Amberley, was converted over to narrow gauge in a single day by 500 men who really put their backs into it to have it ready for the offical opening of the railway station the next day.

1913 The great waterfront strike in NZ that had started waaaay back in October finally came to an end when the United Federation of Labour conceded defeat.

1915 The Canterbury Battalion was one of the last to leave the bloodbath that was Gallipoli, burying 385 of their own.

1917 A pearl of some repute, called Star of the West, was tripped over in Broome, Westralia.

1917 The first secret police of the Soviet Union, The Cheka, were formed, later leading to the creation of the infamous KGB.
Little did they realise a mother of any teenage daughter would always best them in the terror, fear, shock and awe stakes.

1921 British kiddies who were doing without began popping over to Oz under the Barnardo's Home scheme.
Perhaps Brian could apply, too, to see what Summer is really like.....?

1969 The number one hit song of Christmas that year was Rolf Harris' Two Little Boys.
Go know you want to sing along with Rolf....


  1. Okay I clicked on Rolf's link. I feel like I have been rickrolled.

  2. Does it make me a bad person if I didn't make it to the end of the song?

  3. awww my mumhad a Rolf harris record and that was one of my fav songs on even if it was no one elses lol. I guess its a hangover from my childhood.

    have fun at the party after you have run round like a headless chook.....

    Lol so what boat will Brian be catching lol

  4. "Perhaps Brian could apply, too, to see what Summer is really like.....?"

    Jayne, I know exactly what summer's like. It's wet, and generally windy, and involves a lot of inquisitive cow with me ordering archaeology students about in the middle of 'em. If it was any different it just wouldn't be a proper summer.

  5. I have always wondered about Rolf Harris. When he plays the wobble board and makes those strange sounds, is he having some form of mental breakdown, talking in tongues or having a really good time?

  6. Loving your blog Jayne - you are a mine of information!

  7. It's that or the infamous wobble board, Evyl :P

    Not at all, Elizabeth.
    But gremlins will come around at night and play it on surround sound speakers under your window :P

    Hubby found Jake The Peg on vinyl at the op shop a few months back, Janine, but they wouldn't take hubby as a trade in :P

    So, sitting in the sun with a beer/scotch/vodka/all of the above in your hand and marinated meat sizzling on the bbq is out of the question, Brian ? :P

    I think the demon is trying to dis-possess him at that point, Anja, but the bugger's stuck there till Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport has gone through 23 verses.

    Thanks, Nicki, glad to hear that!
    Loving yours, too :)

  8. Running on the spot? I believe in procrastination. You need lots of time to think about things before acting. Hmm, actually, I was attempting humour but it might actually be true. Some planning in your head first can't be bad.

  9. he quiches, pies, tarts, cakes and thingamebobs can all bake themselves...

    That's democracy at work.

  10. Planning?! Planning??? Planning ?!
    Now he tells me, hmph!

    I'll tell them that in a few hours, Reuben ;)