Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trivial HIstory December 21

 There is a party going on at my's my party and I'll screech like a fish-wife if I want to....I met him at the grocery store, that's why I fell for the leader of the pack (brooom, broooom)...tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999 (again)......
There shall be fixed grins at 20 paces, plastered family black sheep whom we tether beside the lemon tree when they've drunk their fill, numerous ankle biters running amok and a Harley Davidson in the mix to keep the boys happy when we women start talking menopause, hysterectomies and other gory plumbing bits. *Harley Davidson - see? wipes your blank of the female nasties!

While Christmas Beetles may be out and about in great numbers could people please stop hanging them from their Chrissy trees as they're not breeding very well and cats have been known to take down a whole fir tree in the gourmet pursuit of the dangly ornaments, leaving Great Aunt Mavis' cake and plum pudd a squashed mess beneath the trunk..

1817 Macquarie had an ear for names and thought the title Oz-stray-lia was simply spiffing and would suit this new pile of dirt down to its little cotton socks.

1835 HMS Beagle popped into the Bay of Islands in NZ for a look-see.

1853 Freeman Cobb had a spare hour or two so he began a coaching service in Melbourne called Cobb & Co.

1870 Victorian MP's, the greedy devils, voted to give themselves 300 pounds per year for sitting on their dates and boring the pants off the public.

1877 Remember those industrious chaps who converted the railway track from broad to narrow gauge in time for the new railway station being opened?
Well... the new Christchurch railway station was opened.

1918 The deadly influenza pandemic reached Oz.

1935 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were unleashed upon the innocent public and everyone was scarred for life never the same again.
Ohhh...the humanity.....

1964 The last ever Kiwi-harpooned whale was caught near Kaikoura.

1971 The new tourist steam train on the South Island, NZ, was launched; the Kingston Flyer.

1977 Kerry Packer gave the world.... World Series Cricket.
And we partied....

2012 The Mayan Calender runs we're saved from trying to think of what to buy for the grumpy old shit we're married to that year!


  1. Celebrate good times, come on! I love a party with a special atmosphere...etc. Actually I can't stand parties. I usually end up at the bottom of the garden on my own having a crafty cigarette and wondering when the next bus home is.

  2. There is a party going on at my place

    I hope you've notified the Marines.

  3. I just got a call from friends who live near you. Can you turn it down a bit.

  4. Have fun with that party. Call me if you need someone to help dispose of the bodies.

  5. lol at Andrew. Just think Jayne all that planning was worth it. I bet you all had a ball.

  6. We have all the non-party people crammed down the back under the pergola with umpteen ash-trays, Brian :P

    They were invited, Reuben but only half turned up :P

    Pardon,Andrew? Was that "turn it up louder"?
    Ok ;)

    The bodies left under their own power for a change, Marita , but ta for the offer lol.

    They can come over to my joint for a party, Evyl :P

    Twas great fun, Janine.