Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trivial History December 4

It's the 4th!
The 4th, I tell you!
Are the pressies all sorted...guests written....brewery invested spotless and the rest of the usual stuff?
What do you mean 'no' ???
But it's the 4th!
It's Navy Day in India...well, helloooooooooooooo sailor !

1806 Governor Bligh, being a tad peckish, proclaimed to the colony that every able bodied being would get off their bum to help bring in the harvest. Bligh, being the good organiser that he was, also worked out various wages and conditions for the different tasks.

For that hard-to-buy-for relative or just to get the damn mother-in-law off your back go adopt a Blinky Bill.
At least this one won't piss on you.
Tasty, chunky and full of yucky goodness!

1854 Governor Hotham, being a tad stupid, proclaimed martial law in Ballarat after the Eureka Stockade rebellion.

Next time you're puzzled as to whether or not Fido the goldfish has changed sex , do what these clever clogs did.
It's safer doing that than what you did with the thermometer and cold spoon to your brother!

1932 The only official Kiwi Wizard, Ian Channell, was uttered into existence.

The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts for 2008 available to check against your shopping HERE.
Featuring Organic Enema Coffee...marked for my mother-in-law who gives the family the shites until we need to return the favour.

1966 Rebellion was in the air in NZ when the ship Tiri became the floating pirate radio station for Radio Hauraki. Dreamt up by a journalist, the pirate radio station challenged the state-controlled NZBC monopoly, somewhat similar to the pirate radio station Radio Caroline in the UK that had challenged the BBC.

Warning! Cane Toads have intellectually evolved faster than the average politician and are scabbing lifts to save on air fares.

1985 The Kiwis bolted home in the 3rd Test, in Perth, by a whole 6 wickets, winning Rodney Marsh's sweaty cricket box both the Test and the very first Trans Tasman Trophy, with Richard Hadlee awarded Man of the Match and Man of The Series.

Run! Hide! Flee to the hills!
Aussie politician Big Joe (which is a reflection on his coat size only) is promising the do a nudy run through Sydney...and not for losing a game of pool...cover your eyes, it aint pretty when he's clothed!

1996 Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett ditched a plan to spend a little taxpayer funding, merely $80 million, on renovating Parliament House.
Yep, slap a coat of paint on and let the buggers throw on an extra jumper if they're feeling a wee bit chilly.

At least traffic jams in NZ are caused by something more substantial than some knob-jockey who can't use his indicators....


  1. "What do you mean 'no' ???"

    No...but the bottle of whisky and the large jar of humbugs have been purchased, so that's my Christmas all set.

  2. ewwwww some of those worse gifts for 2009 are foul lol, I was going ewww at the mucus clearning device. Laughed at the coffee ( I think I will pass on that) lol.

  3. I am with Brian - although it is the dusty bottle of scotch from the back of the cupboard and I am learning to like the taste this season.

  4. Brian and Jeanie have sorted this silly season out in a fine fashion.

    I've been known to drink coffee that has been filtered through a civet, but damn... that's so not how I want to pressurize the beans.

    Although, there's a few people I would like to administer a barbed wire enema to.

  5. 1996 Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett ditched a plan to spend a little taxpayer funding, merely $80 million, on renovating Parliament House.

    I was there recently. The Croissiants are first class...and seeing as Ted Bailleu is the new messiah, the politicians were sublime.

  6. Hmmmmm, humbugs, the yummy black and white lolly to accompany Black and White Scotch whiskey (for those who think Glenmorangie is beneath them :P )

    Wouldn't be winning many friends with that lot, Janine lol.

    Learning to like the taste is the reason for the season, Jeanie :P

    But it's Organic, Anja! lol.

    Ted Bailleu is the new messiah, Reuben? Who died and made him God, and why wasn't I informed?!

  7. I believe that is the brand of Organic Enema Coffee found at Starbutt's.

  8. I always thought their coffee tasted like... ;)