Friday, December 5, 2008

Trivial History December 5

Sweating yet?
Only 20 days left.
So it's probably not a good idea to start brewing the champers for the day....

Kelley will be hyperventilating throughout today as it's Day of The Ninja.
(Just pass her a paper bag and some shiny.)

1850 Pentridge Gaol, in Melbourne, warmly welcomed its first prisoners and made them feel right at home.

1881 A little shake, rattle and roll was felt which damaged the Canterbury Cathedral spire.

1890 Plural voting had yet to be abolished in The Shaky Isles but the election on this day was the most important as it was the first "one man, one vote" ruled ballot.

1909 George Taylor had his head in the clouds when he flew his glider along Narrabeen Beach in Sydney; the first to fly a heavier-than-air contraption.
But his missus, Florence, soon brought him down to earth when she had her turn and became the first Aussie sheila to fly.

1911 W.E Hart was away with the birds...right after he qualified as the first Aussie pilot.

1924 Founding Director of *Woolworths Mr H.P Christmas thought Santa was on his way when he officially opened the very first Woolworth's Stupendous Bargain Basement Store in Sydney's Imperial Arcade.
* This was an Aussie-created cash and carry style store, not the American Woolworths.

1948 The ever gorgeous Marvellous Melbourne born and bred entertainer Denise Drysdale was calved.

1952 The very final Launceston tram tootled off from the Town Hall to Sandy Bay for the final time.

1952 The Great Smog smothered London until December 9, with 4,000 immediate deaths and a further 8,000 in the following months.

1979 The Witch of Kings Cross, Rosaleen Norton, passed into Summerland.

1987 The very good Rev. Margaret Wood was quite rightly elected as the brand spanking new Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese in Christchurch.

And remember -
Some people are just like Christmas cracker Bon Bons;
They look great, make a lot of noise but there's not much happening inside.


  1. I was at Narrabeen Beach a few eeks ago ...never knew about Flo.

    I love the last quote.

  2. Darn - there was an error for sexmajick dot com which would have shown me just how scandalous Roie Norton's artwork was. Now I can only imagine.

  3. "Founding Director of *Woolworths Mr H.P Christmas thought Santa was on his way when he officially opened the very first Woolworth's Stupendous Bargain Basement Store in Sydney's Imperial Arcade."

    Not sure what he'd think of Santa this year then seeing as Woolies in Blighty has just gone bankrupt.

  4. LOL Ta, Trish :)

    Ahh, a little hunting online will reveal the 'scandalous' paintings in all their glory, Jeanie lol.

    He'd probably chuckle as it's a different chain store, Brian ;)

  5. We saw a photo of Rosaleen Norton at the Rennie Ellis exhibition. R asked who she was and all I could recall was that she was a notorious Kings Cross woman. My memory has now been updated.

  6. Good on Florence....ewwww at the great smog and how many people that killed.

  7. Thank goodness I still have 20 days left! I tell ya.... procrastination queen is at it again!! LOL

  8. She was supposed to be freely doing what a brothel madame should have been supervising, Andrew lol.

    Yep, Janine, thicker than pea soup.

    Buy lots of random stuff, Kelly, and throw it at the family in 20 days ;)

  9. Yes and no.

    House is a mess, presents are mostly under control


    Perhaps we should go out for Christmas lol

  10. Going out is much kinder on potential dishpan hands, B ;)