Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trivial History December 6

 Always remember -
It was the drover and his dog that the angels appeared to first, not those pencil-pushers in HR.
1784 The British Govt, being over-run with so many naughty people, authorised the transportation of convicts to the far-flung climes of Australia.
Coz transporting them illegally would be such a bad thing...?

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
The best way to carve a ham is to begin in the middle and cut out thin, circular slices.

1827 The great and wonderful William Arnott was pupped on this day.
Without William there would be no Arnott's Biscuits and, ergo, no magical, fantabulous Tim Tams...for which we will be truly thankful.

You might miss the fun of Christmas if you're busier than a lone dunny at a country show.

1849 The old Government Windmill in Wickham Terrace, Brisvegas, was put up for auction but the public weren't backward in coming forward with their opinion on losing this notable landmark, so the Govt retained it.
Ahhh, for the days when a govt would actually listen to its employers, the voting public!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When in-laws arrive unexpectantly (or invite themselves along for a feed on Chrissy Day) prepare them pigs ears; scrape and clean in boiling water, then braise in a pan. Slice into thin strips, smother the lot in sauteed onions and serve with dash of balsamic vinegar.

1935 The first Kiwi Labour Govt parked its collective posterior in office.
(N.B - at least the Kiwis know how to spell 'labour' correctly!).

Make certain you get exactly what you want for Christmas - buy it yourself.

1956 The infamous Blood In The Water water polo match spilt a drop or 3 of blood between the USSR team and opposing Hungary at the Melbourne Olympic Games.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
When it snows, run madly outside and scoop up some fresh (white) snow to mix in the batter to make Yorkshire Pudding.
Although at this time of year in Oz and NZ you might be pushing your luck....
1983 A chap who could no doubt spell properly was David Tan; NZ's youngest uni graduate at age 16 when he completed his B.Sc Honours Degree at Canterbury Uni.


  1. "When in-laws arrive unexpectantly (or invite themselves along for a feed on Chrissy Day) prepare them pigs ears..."

    We always offer outs pork scratchings...because we all know what end of the pig they come from.

  2. Ooh I haven't had Yorkshire Pudding in such a long time.
    My Great Grandma was originally from Yorkshire and she made the BEST yorkshire pud...!


  3. I like your Christmas present advice. This is what I usually end up doing.

  4. ewww at the pig at trying to find snow in summer for the yorkshire pud. Sometimes we (kiwis) can spell real good.....I didn't say anything about our grammar though!! lol

  5. Everytime I come over here I bring a cup of tea with me, cos it's like the next chapter in a it!
    Where do you find all this info woman??

  6. And they still turn up, Brian?!

    Yorkshire pudd on the menu sometime soon now, G ? lol

    Ta, Dina :)

    LOL, Janine!

    Moe, to keep me out of mischief (and off the streets) I read up on bits and bobs which I transcribe into a word doc chronology ;)

  7. Damn I'm glad I'm vegetarian.

  8. "And they still turn up, Brian?!"

    No...see, it works.

  9. I don't think I could ever make it like Great Grandma....should have got her to teach me eh!


  10. So THAT is why my Yorkshire puds don't turn out...

  11. Corn has nicer ears, Anja ;)

    You certainly will have peace and goodwill on the day, Brian lol.

    If only for a TARDIS, G ;)

    Yep, Jeanie, though you'd have to travel a fair way for the secret ingredient lol !

  12. Another good thing to do with snow is to whip up some snow ice cream. Just add a little vanilla, milk, and sugar to a bowl of snow and voila, snow ice cream.

  13. So....yellow snow really doesn't feature much in recipes, hey, Evyl ? :P