Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trivial History December 7

18 days to go, only 18 days to go...
...and most pressies are still being made in this household as the damn elves buggered off to poke fun at the 50 yr old Granny help Madonna on her tour.
Wonder if the family will accept an IOU till sometime in January ?

1800 Lt James Grant eyeballed and named Cape Otway, in Victoria, to honour a captain in the Royal Navy.
And they say sailors aren't romantic...!

1813 Explorer George Evans stumbled across a smallish puddle he named the Macquarie River.

1817 The great navigator and rum stirrer this side of the Black Stump aka Gov William Bligh, passed away.

1883 NZ's Second Industrial Exhibition was opened in Canterbury, with electric light used for night- time visitors for the first time.

1915 The careful evacuation of the ANZAC Forces from Gallipoli was begun.

1943 George Lamb, the Victorian sitting Member of Parliament for Lowan, died whilst a PoW working on the Burma Railroad.

And remember -
If you drink too much on Christmas Day you'll be like the star on top of the tree...
Up all night twinkling!


  1. Sorry about this, but I can't think of any amusing comments tonight 'cos I've got the flu. Not that I can think of any amusing comments when I don't have the flu either, but it's the principal that counts.

  2. 18 days until some form of sanity returns. Can I survive until it's over?

  3. I recommend a very large slurp of whiskey, Brian.
    To aid your amusing comments, not the 'flu :P

    Yes, yes you can, Anja. Everything will return to normal right after December 26...when the sales start and they put out the Easter eggs for sale...

  4. We knocked off yet another christmas party today.

    Since when did these things become a chore to be endured?

    Please don't look forward to the 26th too much. I've got all the in-laws coming over then for our family XMess torture.

  5. You could all come down a mystery 24 hr virus, Marita, on Xmess night to keep the family at bay ;)