Monday, December 8, 2008

Trivial History December 8

 1789 James Ruse was a chuffed chappie when he reaped the first harvest on Government Farm at Parramatta.

1843 The earliest known European settlers in the Lyttelton district of NZ were brothers James and Joseph Greenwood who took up land at Purau.

1888 Mr J.T Williams leapt from a hot air balloon over Sydney....and proceeded to demonstrate the amazing powers of the parachute.
At least....we hope the chap remembered to sling one on his back...

1899 George St in Sydney was beside itself with the comings and goings of the new electric tramway sliding its length.

1909 Lady Dudley got on the blower and called a meeting at Govt House in Melbourne from which lead the formation of the legendary Bush Nursing Service.

1941 The Kiwis and Aussies declared war on Japan.

1942 A tragic fire roared through Ward 5 of the Seacliff Mental Hospital, at Dunedin, leaving 37 dead.

1945 The delicious actor bloke who made Play School the hot rating number one for mummies all over Oz, John Waters, was pupped on this day.

1970 Victoria passed the Aboriginal Land Act 1970 which is supposed to recognise the Aboriginal people's right to hold the title of the land where they lived.

1975 Probably the only rock anthem with bagpipes, Aussie rock group AC/DC's It's a Long Way To The Top was released.

1980 Legendary musician John Lennon was shot and killed.

1987 My darling daughter, Feral Queen, arrived foot first into the world and has been exercising her healthy lungs, and firm grip on this planet, ever since.

1988 Mabo Vs Queensland 1988 took place.
The High Court of Oz declared that the Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act - which tried to abolish native title rights - was not valid.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  2. You may be right on the bagpipes until KORN came out with Shoots and Ladders.

  3. And congrats on your daughters birthday!!!

  4. "...the comings and goings of the new electric tramway sliding its length."

    I'm saying nothing. I've still got the flu and my mind is obviously working along completely the wrong lines.

  5. Thanks, Dina and Evyl!

    Ahh, ta, Evyl. My daughter, loving KORN, would have corrected me on that, too ;)

    Oh, you're thinking of slippery steam train lines instead, Brian? (tongue cemented in cheek)

  6. lol happy birthday to your daughter.

    V mentioned that Pearl Harbour Day was yesterday - hence, no doubt, the war declaration anniversary.

  7. Thanks, Jeanie.
    Yep, Pearl Harbour was the cause.

  8. I can't recall if it was the electric George Street tram or the preceeding horse tram of maybe even a steam tram, but tracks did not sit flush with the roadway but above it. Many, many complaints.

  9. Happy Birthday, Feral Queen. May you get right royally maggot and have a hell of a good time.

  10. Thanks, Andrew.
    I think it was the original horse-drawn trams from some of the online pics.

    Thanks, Janine :)

    Ta, Anja. We're being generous with the Bundy and coke lol ;)

  11. Grrrrrrrr, there's an entry for Mistress B's Screw Up Tuesday LMAO!